9 K-Pop Groups That Sparkled Through The Shimmery Background Teaser Trend

TWICE and Red Velvet aren’t the only ones.

Many K-Pop fans associate shimmering, metallic, and holographic teaser backgrounds with comebacks like Red Velvet’s “RBB” and TWICE’s “Feel Special”, but these weren’t the only groups to try the trend. Here are 9 groups that shone and glittered in their teaser photos.

1. Red Velvet

Red Velvet looked like royalty with this shimmering gold background in teasers for “RBB”.


TWICE took on a new concept with their own gold background in the “Feel Special” teasers.


ITZY embodied the icicle feel for their “Icy” teasers with this holographic blue background.

4. SHINee

SHINee lived up to its name with these shiny holographic backgrounds in the “Good Evening” teasers.

5. Kim Lip (LOONA)

When LOONA’s Kim Lip made her solo debut with “Eclipse”, her teasers featured a glittering silver streamer background.


EVERGLOW sparkled from their debut with the holographic background in these “Bon Bon Chocolat” teasers.

7. Weki Meki

The shimmering teasers for Weki Meki’s “Dazzle Dazzle” were certainly dazzling.

8. Lovelyz

One of the earliest groups to pull off a holographic teaser vibe was Lovelyz when they released “Heal”.

9. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl gave their “Secret Garden” teasers a magical effect by sailing on a glittering holographic sea.