10 K-Pop Idols Who End Up With The Most Satisfying Focused Fan Cam Videos

They’re real crowd pleasers.

Fan cam videos, with focuses on specific members, are deeply appreciated by K-Pop fans because they really capture the members’ visuals, talents, vibes, and moves down to the last detail. It has become a way for fans to see the stylistic differences in how each member interprets the performance and expresses him or herself. And of all fan cam videos, these 10 idols have become K-Pop stans’ favorites for being the most expressive and interesting to watch!


1. BTS’s Jimin

BTS Jimin‘s fan cams, like their unbelievably high number of views suggest, are absolutely beloved among K-Pop fans. Jimin’s focus cams are satisfying to watch because they are filled with Jimin’s rich facial expressions and breathtaking dance moves.


2. BTS’s Jungkook

BTS Jungkook‘s fan cams are jam packed with visual and talent. Boasting his iconic “duality”, Jungkook’s videos can be either incredibly sexy or simply adorable. Jungkook’s powerfully graceful dance moves have both ARMYs and non-ARMYs addicted to his fan cams!


3. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet Seulgi‘s fan cams feature her unrivaled dance grooves – as well as her gorgeous physique. Often dazzled out in her stage outfits, Seulgi always looks amazing in her focused videos. This “Rookie” performance in her red crop top has become globally sensational, as fans couldn’t keep their eyes off her abs.


4. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

SEVENTEEN Hoshi‘s fan cams are extremely satisfying to watch, as his stage performances are always 200% lit. As a leader of SEVENTEEN’s performance team, and as the team’s main choreographer, Hoshi knows exactly what he’s doing on stage – and that level of confidence and talent do show in his focus videos!


5. TWICE’s Jihyo

TWICE Jihyo‘s fan cams bring a tremendous amount of bright energy. Jihyo is mesmerizing on stage, with her ethereal beauty and her unparalleled vocal skills. And she is always putting in 200% into each and every stage performance, making all the fan cam videos fun to watch.


6. TWICE’s Sana

TWICE Sana‘s fan cams are always attention-grabbing, especially because of her visual game growing stronger in each video released. Sana has always been beautiful – but fans can really see her glow on stage in these focused videos. Always rocking the hottest body and showing off her best styles, Sana will undoubtedly leave viewers satisfied.


7. NCT’s Taeyong

NCT Taeyong‘s fan cams feature his famous acrobatic dance moves. While his voice and visual are eye-catching too, the most discussed trait in his videos is his gracefulness. Taeyong’s dance moves have an aura of elegance that is unrivaled in the industry. It is exclusive in his fan cams, which keep the viewers coming back for more of his focus videos.



BLACKPINK Rosé is a queen in all of her fan cam videos. With her long hair flying in the air, her stage outfit glistening against the lights, and her slender figure pumping out iconic choreographies, Rosé is simply enchanting on stage – and the focused videos try their best to capture that.


9. ITZY’s Yuna

ITZY Yuna‘s fan cams have recently become more widely and deeply appreciated among K-Pop fans. With her power-rookie visual and talent, Yuna is steadily building her list of legendary fan cam videos. Her bubbly personality shows in the way she truly enjoys the stage – and viewers often feel pumped and revitalized from watching her ray-of-sunshine kind of energy.


10. (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

(G)I-DLE Soojin‘s fan cams have taken her to viral stardom several times. With her charismatic stage presence as the group’s main dancer, Soojin doesn’t need much to action pack her focus videos. She knows how to make the most of any performance and really dominate the stage, to the point that even her videos of cover performances get extremely high views and attention!

Source: THEQOO