Here Are 10 K-Pop Idols Who You May Not Have Known Were Once Backup Dancers

From backup dancers to successful idols.

K-Pop idols may get a lot of exposure before their official debut, such as participating in survival shows.

Some idols get more subtle appearances, where they could become a backup dancer to get some experience on stage. Here are 10 K-Pop idols who were once backup dancers.

1. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel was a backup dancer when Fiestar‘s Cao Lu and SPICA‘s Sihyun performed “Invitation” (Uhm Jung Hwa).

2. Shownu (Monsta X)

Shownu was a backup dancer for Lee Hyori and her song “Bad Girls”.

3. Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

Eunbi was a backup dancer for Girl’s Day.

4. Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Lee Know was a backup dancer for BTS.

5. Chungha

Chungha was a backup dancer for Ulala Session.

6. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups was a backup dancer for multiple groups, one of them being After School.

7. J-Hope & Jungkook (BTS)

J-Hope and Jungkook were backup dancers Jokwon.

J-Hope (Left) & Jungkook (Right)

8. Lay (EXO)

Lay was a backup dancer for SHINee and their song “Ring Ding Dong”.

9. Kahi (After School)

Kahi was a backup dancer for BoA.