10+ K-Pop Idols That Fans’ Parents Love

Parents love these idols just as much as we do!

For K-Pop fans, being able to share their love of K-Pop with their families is especially meaningful. Nothing beats being able to talk about your favorite idols with your family!

Netizens on Nate Pann recently discussed the idols that their parents like.  Some of the idols are popular with parents because of their acting careers and variety show appearances, but some of them are beloved by netizens’ parents simply because their children like them.

Here are 10+ parent-approved idols that netizens’ parents love!

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

With Jennie’s talents and good looks, we can definitely see why parents would like her just as much as K-Pop fans! Plus, netizens’ parents have probably seen her advertisements while shopping or watching TV, so they’re likely very familiar with her.

2. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

Cha Eunwoo appeals to people of all ages! Whether parents first see him on stage or as a K-Drama star, we totally get why he’d top their lists of their favorite idols!

3. Ryujin (ITZY)

Ryujin is a charismatic baddie on stage and a total sweetheart off stage. She’s the total package, and parents love her just as much as K-Pop fans do!

4. Jimin (BTS)

Seriously, what’s not to love about Jimin? With his beautiful voice, impressive dancing, and great sense of humor, we can definitely see how he would appeal to fans’ parents!

5. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

Jisoo is multi-talented and so sweet! Whether parents first saw her performing as a member of BLACKPINK or were introduced to her through the K-Drama Snowdrop, we definitely understand why she’s so appealing to them!

6. RM (BTS)

RM is smart, talented, and super creative! He represents BTS really well every time he gives a speech, and he’s an excellent performer when he takes the stage. No wonder parents adore him!

7. Kai (EXO)

Kai appeals to absolutely everyone! He’s widely known for his excellent performances, and he’s won over new fans (including parents!) with his appearances on variety shows like Knowing Bros.

8. Junho (2PM)

Parents love Junho! As a member of 2PM, he’s created many timeless hits, and he continues to win people’s parents over with his K-Dramas like The Red Sleeve.

9. D.O. (EXO)

D.O. is such a talented sweetheart! With his many charms and talents, it’s no wonder that parents love him just as much as we do!

10. Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong is so lovable! With his incredible stage presence and overall performance skills, it’s no wonder that parents would be drawn to him. Plus, he leads a massive group of 20+ other members, so they likely admire him for his leadership skills, too!

11. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

As the center of Girls’ Generation, Yoona has been attracting fans since 2007! Some parents may have already been familiar with her as an idol, and others have come to love her due to her K-Drama appearances.

12. Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun is so lovable! Whether parents first see her on stage with TWICE or get to know her through her hilarious variety show appearances, they’re sure to love her!

Source: Nate Pann