10 K-Pop Idols’ Stage Outfits To Inspire Your Own Personal Wardrobe

These idols will help you give your wardrobe a makeover!

1. A Blast from the Past

EXID‘s throwback 80s and 90s outfits will make you want to visit the nearest thrift store.


2. Fresh and Funky

TWICE‘s bright, energetic outfits are perfect for those fun, summer days!


3. Couple Outfits

Looking for matching outfits for you and your SO? KARD has you covered. From hounds’ tooth blazers, to beachwear, to denim, this co-ed group is sure to give you some ideas.


4. Sleeves with shorts

Depending on where you live, it might be warm but not quite be warm enough yet to go sleeveless. The solution? Pair sleeves with shorts or skirts, GFRIEND style!


5. Pure White Outfits

If you’re looking for something more feminine (and don’t usually spill things on your clothes) you may want to try pairing a white, lace crop top with either a white skirt or white shorts, like GFRIEND has.


6. Patterns & Plaid

For a fashionable and casual look, pair ripped denim with either patterns or plaid, like WINNER.


6. Easily achieved “boyfriend” looks.

 Wanna One‘s casual, “boyfriend” looks are perfect for the guys who want to look good but don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. Just mix and match dark colors with jeans and you’re good to go! To accessorize, all you need is a belt or chain!


7. Button-ups

There are many reasons why men’s dress shirts never go out of style. These classic clothing items are fashionable, attractive, and versatile. Wanna One demonstrates how these shirts can be worn on their own, or layered with shirts and jackets!


9. Plaid Skirts and Blouses

The members of Lovelyz each have their own distinct aura yet they manage to pull off this look by pairing different kinds of dressy tops with plaid mini-skirts. Don’t forget the tennis shoes!


10. Ruffled Mini Dresses

BLACKPINK‘s Rose and Jisoo prove just how stunning mini-dresses can be. Rose shows off her pure side in a white, angelic dress, while Jisoo flaunts her sexy side in a similar, red dress. These dresses look especially beautiful when worn with a thick belt!