10 K-Pop Idols Who Started Out As Underground Rappers

How many of these did you know about?

Many idol rappers had humble beginnings, as many originally started as underground rappers. Underground is an umbrella term used to describe Korea’s hip-hop and R&B scene, and it excludes people from large companies, such as idols. Here are a few idol rappers who originally started as underground rappers.

1. Mino (WINNER)

When Mino was an underground rapper, he went by the name Hugeboy Mino. This is also the time where he met a lot of his good friends, such as many of the Block B members.

2. Park Kyung (Block B)

The rappers of Block B are known for their days as underground rappers, and Park Kyung is no exception. During his underground days, he promoted with his best friend Zico.


During his underground days, T.O.P used to go by the name Tempo. He was quite popular in the underground scene, as he was even the winner of KBS Radio’s Rap Battle.

4. Zico

Zico was one of the few idols rappers who got recognition and praise from fellow rappers back in the day. This was largely due to how successful and recognized Zico was as an underground rapper.

5. RM (BTS)

During his underground days, RM used to go by the name Runch Randa. He was quite successful during this time, as he collaborated with many fellow rappers, such as Zico.

6. LE (EXID)

LE is one of the few female K-Pop idols who started in the underground scene. She was the only female member of her underground rap group, which was called Jiggy Fellaz.

7. Yongguk (Former member of B.A.P)

Before debuting as a member of B.A.P, Yongguk debuted in an underground hip-hop group called Soul Connection.

8. Suga (BTS)

Suga was known as Gloss during his days as an underground rapper. He was also part of a hip-hop group called D-Town.

9. P.O (Block B)

Like the other rappers in Block B, P.O also started as an underground rapper.

10. Minhyuk (BTOB)

Minhyuk was known as Heota during his underground days and collaborated with many popular rappers, such as Zico.

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