10+ K-Pop Lyrics You Thought Were English…but are actually Korean

We all know the “money money money” ain’t what it is.

1. BLACKPINK’s “Whistle”

What you heard: “in the moon and in the world”

What it really is: “neon neomu areumdeo” which translates to “you are so beautiful”.



What you heard: “and I’m gonna get down”

What it really is: “era moleugetta” which translates roughly to…you guessed it…”fxxk it”


3. BTS’s “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”

What you heard: “money, money, money”

What it really is: “manhi, manhi, manhi” meaning “more, more, more”


4. Girl’s Generation’s “I Got A Boy”

What you heard: “She’s a cat burglar”

What it really is: “shijakhe bolkka?” meaning “shall we start?”


5. EXID’s “Up & Down”

What you heard: “we at it, we-we at it”

What it really is: “we arae, we-we arae” meaning “up and down, up-up down”


6. BEAST’s “Beautiful Night”

What you heard: “I lost my money. Now I sell reggae, yeah I’m out of control”

What it really is: “I’m yours neomani. Nareul seollege hae I’m out of control” which translates as “I’m yours – only you can make my heart race. I’m out of control”


7. B.A.P’s “Warrior”

What you heard: “my ship can butter ten girls”

What it really is: “neon swibge malhal teng” which translates to “will you say it easily?”


8. G.NA’s “Banana”

What you heard: “Lipstick, chicken, butter roll”

What it really is: “lipstick jitge bareugo” which roughly translates to “heavily apply my lipstick”


9. Girls’ Generation’s “You Think”

What you heard: “ass in ass”

What it really is: “SNS” meaning social networking site


10. EXO’s “Mama”

What you heard: “kill this, kill this…heartless, motherless”

What it really is: “careless, careless…heartless, mindless”


11. Secret’s “Madonna”

What you heard: “My doughnut doughnut, my doughnut, doughnut, doughnut”

What it really is: “Madonna, donna, Madonna, donna, donna”


12. SISTAR’s “So Cool”

What you heard: “It’s purring time, purring time”

What it really is: “It’s party time, party time”


Source: SBS and reddit