Here Are 10 K-Pop Music Videos That Got Banned From Broadcasts…For The Most Absurd Reasons

Some of these are kind of funny.

K-Pop is one of the most iconic aspects of Korea, but that doesn’t mean that broadcast stations are willing to play all K-Pop music videos.

Some K-Pop music videos were actually banned from being broadcasted on certain networks due to the broadcasting stations seeing them as “unfit” to air. A YouTube channel by the name of “AE Top Musics” compiled some music videos that were banned for absurd reasons. So, here are 10 of those music videos, as well as the reasoning behind the ban.

1. “Gentleman” (PSY)

Reason for ban: Showing destruction of public property (kicking a traffic cone).

2. “Kill This Love” (BLACKPINK)

Reason for ban: Violating traffic laws by not wearing a seatbelt

3. “Dreaming I” (F.CUZ)

Reason for ban: Rebellious plot that could be a negative influence on teenagers

4. “Catallena” (Orange Caramel)

Reason for ban: Devaluing human life by having the members wrapped in plastic packages

5. “Island” (WINNER)

Reason for ban: Homosexual imagery

6. “We Like 2 Party” (BIGBANG)

Reason for ban: Indirect advertisement of wine

7. “Joker” (Dal Shabet)

Reason for ban: Title is similar to crude Korean word for male genitals, as well as explicit dance moves

8. “Remember” (Bang Yongguk)

Reason for ban: Scenes containing shooting and other violence

9. “Beep” (Park Ji Yoon)

Reason for ban: Excessive ending credit roll

10. “Going Crazy” (Song Jieun & Bang Yongguk)

Reason for ban: Encouraging crime

There is more in the full video below!