10 K-Pop Netflix Shows We All Wish Were Real

Someone pitch these to Netflix immediately!

K-Pop and Netflix: two of life’s greatest pleasures. These 10 talented fans brought them together to give us a taste of K-Pop shows we all wish were real. Someone pitch these ideas to Netflix immediately!

1. Red Velvet

Perfect Velvet
They call themselves Red Velvet, but they’re more interesting in pizza than cake. When local delivery boys start going missing, could these five girls living in the creepy house in Perfect Valley be to blame?


2. BTS

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life
Seven boys. Love. Loss. Life. Their fates seem to be intertwined, no matter how many times they try to escape it.


Four girls are promised the world by an underground benefactor named YG—but only if they can bring him a mysterious object known only as The Square. YG is dangerous, but The Square might be just as deadly.


4. GOT7

Flight Log
What was supposed to be a new adventure for these seven friends turns to be fatal. Imprisoned between life and death, Jinyoung must come to the inevitable decision to live on or to follow his friends in death.


5. Stray Kids

District 9
District 9 is a place that has rules to follow. In this play, they expect perfection. People who work for this district do brainwash in the population, but nine boys escape from this system and they start to fight with these people to share the truth for the population.



The X Clan
In a post-war society, seven boys, known as The X-Clan, struggle to find safety, acceptance, and stability. But who really is The X-Clan and what is actually happening?


7. Baekhyun (EXO)

UN Village
UN Village, a local musical theatre created by Byun Baekhyun back in 1904, has been rundown for decades because rumors have it that his spirit roams the area in search of his old unrequited love.

8. Dreamcatcher

7 girls live a sheltered life in a secluded boarding school in the French countryside. however, their mischievous antics result in the unleashing of the Curse of the Spider Goddess. As a result, the girls become trapped in a nightmare. Will the girls be able to escape the era?



Four girls lose their memories after going to a party and start getting mysterious notes and Polaroids. What point will they reach to remember their past?


10. A.C.E

Adventure Calling Emotions
When five boys escape the restraints place upon them by society their lives are never the same. The group have to learn to deal with challenges the hard way.