10 K-Pop Songs With The Most Beautiful Lyrics That Deserve To Be On Your Playlist

Such poets, these K-Pop stars!

The world of K-Pop is surely full of bops and beats. Often characterized by catchy phrases and fun choruses, K-Pop songs are more so known to be easy listening and fun for sing alongs. But then, there are these 10 tracks – with such beautiful and poetic lyrics – that prove K-Pop can also be expressive and meaningful.


1. BTS Jungkook’s “Euphoria”

I can hear the ocean over and beyond. Across the dreams and past the bushes, I go where things are clearer. Take my hands now. You are the cause of my euphoria. Close the door now. When I’m with you I’m in utopia.


2. EXO’s “Don’t Go”

Show me. Take me with you to where you live. Even to the end of this world, I will follow. Please don’t leave my sight. Don’t disappear into the morning light. These dreaming steps… You’re my one and only beautiful butterfly.


3. SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty U”

There are so many beautiful things I’d like to tell you, but when I stand in front of you I can’t seem to speak. Tonight though, I promised myself. These words that I had at the tip of my tongue, I’m going to share them with you tomorrow. You’re so pretty.”


4. TXT’s “Our Summer”

If I keep imagining and believing that you’re there… The milky way spread ahead in my eyes, the blossoming golden season like our summer… No matter where you are, as long as we’re together, doesn’t matter what season – it will feel like summer.


5. SHINee’s “View”

Everyone is speechless, like you. This view is miraculous, more than four dimensional. The fondue of light I take a bite and I can almost see the colors of the sounds. I can feel my senses tingling. Colors brightened, sixth sense triggered. Tonight is the night. Be bold, be sensual. Don’t hide it anymore – this beautiful, beautiful view.


6. Red Velvet’s “My Dear”

Higher than the sky, farther than the light, faster than the wind I wish to get to you. My feelings have only gotten more real. And I want to share them with you, I miss you. My dear, my love, my best. I’ll remember everything I feel this moment. My dear, my love, my best, for you – the only one in this world.


7. Lovelyz’s “Candy Jelly Love”

With a spoon of your love and a handful of promises, I can get through today with a smile. I can speak of good things. Even if things get hard and I start to feel sad, all I need is a couple more spoons of your love – and I’ll be okay. Even when I feel so helplessly lonely, with a drop of your love I can find happiness again.


8. GFRIEND’s “Fall In Love”

Your eyes twinkle like the sun, it’s blinding. Something about you reminds me of the blue sea. I’m addicted to your smile that’s sweet like candy. I’m in love with you – come paint this dreamy moment with me.


9. OH MY GIRL’s “Windy Day”

The trees sway when I think of you. The pinwheel spins when I look at you. This only means I’m in love with you. I can’t help it, when it shows on my face. My cheeks turn red before I know it. And with the whiff of your breath blown my way, I’m shaken – I’m shaken. Windy day.


10. f(x)’s “Airplane”

Soaring across the sky, wings cutting through the wind, feet above the clouds – this flight has begun. And you are the only miracle that I believe, the only person whose hands hold mine. Soaring across the sky, wings cutting through the wind, feet above the clouds – that flight may have ended, but I believe in loyalty – that eternity – the only person whose hands hold mine.

Source: THEQOO