These 10 K-Pop Songs Have The Best Bridges Ever, According To K-Pop Fans

These songs are masterpieces!

A bridge can make or break a song, and these K-Pop songs have some of the greatest bridges ever!

Bridges in songs are intended to add contrast to the parts that make up the rest of the song, like the verses and chorus.

Here are 10 K-Pop songs with great bridges!

1. “Dis-ease” (BTS)

This old school hip-hop inspired track is a masterpiece, and its bridge has been stuck in ARMYs’ heads since the song came out!

Jimin wrote the bridge for this song because the section where the bridge goes was missing when he first heard the song. He started humming a melody idea for the bridge, and the song’s producer said it sounded great and used his melody in the final song.

The bridge gives the members a chance to let their vocals really shine and contrasts from the heavy hip-hop influence in the rest of the song.

2. “Tempo” (EXO)

EXO does not play around when it comes to vocals!

The bridge’s acapella breakdown is a sharp contrast to the rest of the song’s production and really lets EXO show off their powerful vocals without fans getting distracted by the bed-squeaking sample or any other earworms.

We definitely won’t judge if you replay this bridge over and over again!

3. “Sunrise” (GFRIEND)

This GFRIEND song is absolute art!

The bridge begins with just SinB‘s voice and a piano, and it slowly crescendoes and adds more instruments to the mix as Eunha and Yuju sing before ending with a powerful belt from Yuju. It’s the perfect contrast to the rest of the song’s glittery production without feeling like too drastic of a change.

4. “Simon Says” (NCT 127)

This song had everybody singing “bless me, achoo,” and its bridge is just as memorable as this infamous line!

“Simon Says” is full of the hard-hitting, experimental production the Neos are known for, but the bridge strips the drums and some of the synths away for a moment to let fans enjoy NCT 127’s vocals before the bridge ends with an incredible, unforgeettable high note from Taeil and transitions into the song’s final chorus.

This song is definitely NOT a vibe killer!

5. “Savage” (aespa)

Somehow, aespa managed to top their “Next Level” bridge with “Savage!”

While the rest of the song is full of booming bass and bad b*tch vibes, the bridge features more subtle production and sounds full of yearning and love. It’s definitely a great tribute to aespa’s beloved Nævis!

6. “Heaven” (SHINee’s Taemin)

This bridge is absolutely unforgettable!

Taemin wrote the lyrics to this song himself, and the bridge is a great example of his lyrical genius at work. Taemin easily moves from a breathy delivery to a powerful one throughout the song, but the bridge gives him a place to show just how powerful his voice is. When he belts “one way” at the end of the bridge, your jaw will drop!


This song definitely deserves all the hype!

The song’s verses and chorus have very interesting production with lots of sounds in the background that are easy to miss on the first listen. Although the bridge is just as interesting, the production is more stripped down which makes it a great contrast to the verses, chorus, and beat drop.

There’s no denying this song is “hot, hot, hot like fire!”

8. “Fancy” (TWICE)

We definitely fancy this song!

“Fancy” makes people feel like dancing as soon as the intro starts, and the song gets better and better as it goes on. The song is very upbeat, but the bridge slows things down a bit to create contrast. As the members sing in falsetto, they’ll make you fall in love with their voices and get you hyped for the song’s final chorus.

9. “Phobia” (Stray Kids)

This Stray Kids B-side deserves more hype!

The bridge gives the members’ voices a chance to shine while accompanied by just a piano and some finger snaps. It’s a sharp contrast from the rest of the song’s electronic pop vibe, and it works really well in the song!

10. “Kick Back” (WayV)

WayV’s discography is full of great bridges, and this song is a great example of just how incredible their bridges are!

“Kick Back” has solid production throughout, but the arpeggiated synth in the bridge is absolutely gorgeous. No discussion of this bridge is complete without mentioning the background vocals, so make sure you listen for the ad libs layered beneath the main vocal track!

Source: Reddit