These 10+ K-Pop Songs Are Sure To Make You Emotional Even Before Reading The Lyrics

#6 is a beautiful tribute.

Many K-Pop fans that are not fluent in Korean can confirm that a song’s feeling and emotion can totally transcend language. Recently on the K-Pop subreddit, fans discussed the songs that catch them right in the feels both before and after reading the lyrics.

Here are some of the most mentioned songs by K-Pop artists that will make you emotional (even if you don’t understand the lyrics at first).

1. “Take Me Home” – ATEEZ

Many fans cite the song’s bridge as the moment that truly catches them in the feels. The song’s lyrics speak of wishing to not be alone and resonate with those who deal with loneliness.

2. “Goodbye” – 2NE1

This song originally meant to be a farewell to Minzy turned into the group’s ending song as a whole. Even non-fans of 2NE1 may get choked up listening to the moving song.

3. “Child” – NCT’s Mark

While this song is in English many non-English speakers mentioned they could feel the emotion pouring from the song without understanding the song’s lyrics. NCT‘s Mark discusses his feelings of not being enough in this heartbreakingly honest song.

4.  “Hug” – SEVENTEEN

Many CARATs say this song feels like a warm hug, and the lyrics echo that sentiment.

5. “Siesta” – Weki Meki

This song has an uplifting feeling that may overwhelm you in the best way possible. The final chorus may even give you chills if this song is your style!

6.  “Our Page” – SHINee

Written as a way for the members of SHINee to show that they will always be five, this song is hauntingly beautiful and will bring tears to your eyes. Reading the lyrics will only make the song more impactful.

7. “From Home” – NCT U

This song features many of NCT‘s main vocalists and is a beautiful tribute to the sacrifices they made to join the group. The rearranged version of the song features a music video that shows how all the members of NCT came from their respective homes to join the group.

8. “Friends” – BTS’s Jimin & V

When fans first heard of a song dedicated to members Jimin and V‘s friendship, they were excited to hear the two sing about their strong bond. When listening to the song, it’s easy to get caught up before reading the lyrics as the pair convey their feelings in their voices.

9. “Trust Fund Baby” – TXT

A slow and emotional feeling song, MOA are easily caught up in the members’ amazing vocals.

10. “Time Lapse” – Taeyeon

Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon is a beautiful vocalist and her voice can get to the most stoic person. The way this song swells and wanes creates a truly unique swirl of emotions.

11. “Polaroid” – (G)I-DLE

The beginning of this song creates a melancholic feeling and the lyrics describing wanting to make a moment that lasts forever also contribute to that.

12. “Slump” – Stray Kids

This song is especially hard-hitting musically with strong raps helping to contribute to a feeling of hopelessness and being in a “Slump.”

13. “Dad” – D.O

EXO‘s D.O is known for his strong and moving vocals and in this song, one can truly feel the admiration he feels towards his father.

14. “Spring Day” – BTS

One of the group’s most loved songs, “Spring Day” creates extremely strong feelings of longing and loss in the listener. While BTS are known for their meaningful lyrics, this song in particular conveys the emotions without needing to read its lyrics.

Source: u/nabi