Here Are 10 K-Pop Songs Guaranteed To Instantly Put You In A Chill Mood

What’s your go-to song to vibe to?

While we all love a good upbeat K-Pop song, there are those times that we need a smooth track that we can instantly vibe to. Here’s a list of some new and old songs that can help you get to that ultimate chill mood status.


1. Long Flight- Taeyong (NCT)

Taeyong joined NCT in 2016 as NCT U and later became the leader of the second sub-unit, NCT 127. He is also a member of SuperM as of 2019. “Long Flight” is his solo song that is on the SM Station: Season 3 album. Unlike NCT’s hardcore beats and dance moves, this song gives off a simple beat that’s easy to vibe to. You can hear a mix of vocals and rap in this song, allowing him to show off all his talents.

2. Automatic- Red Velvet

“Automatic” is a part of Red Velvet’s EP Ice Cream Cake which was released back in 2015. Although an older song, it is very much loved by fans to this day. This song is a contemporary R&B song that can instantly bring a chill vibe to any situation.

3. Singularity- BTS’s V

“Singularity” is a solo track of BTS’s V which is a part of the Love Yourself: Tear album which released in 2018. This R&B track is made for V as his vocals fit the concept perfectly. His deep vocals can help soothe away any stress from the day.

4. Ko Ko Bop- EXO

“Ko Ko Bop” is from EXO’s studio album The War which was released in 2017. According to Chanyeol, “Ko Ko Bop” means “fun dancing.” This song, although a few years old, continues to be at the top of the list for best chill songs to vibe to.

5. 19- Stray Kids

“19” is a part of Stray Kids’ fourth EP Clé 1: Miroh which was released in 2019. This track was written by Jisung and is a song that expresses their feelings about growing older and entering their twenties.

6. Meteor- Changmo

“Meteor” is a part of Changmo’s album Boyhood which released in 2019. This song was written, composed, and arranged by Changmo himself. This track will have you vibing in no time with its sick beat.

7. Drip Drop- Taemin

“Drip Drop” is a part of Taemin’s studio album Press It which was released in 2016. This track dives into a bit more experimental sounds for a K-pop artist which keeps the listener focused on the beat. Take a listen to this bop below!

8. “Sunrise- GOT7’s JB

“Sunrise” is part of GOT7’s third Korean studio album Present: You which released in 2018. This song is a solo track featuring JB and embodies a dreamier R&B track that is far different from GOT7’s energetic style.

9. Seoul- RM

“Seoul” is a part of BTS RM’s mixtape Mono which was released in 2018. This is his second mixtape which was released through Big Hit Entertainment. This song is very low-key and doesn’t have any crazy hooks, but it’s truly addictive considering it’s a more vibing style track.

10. Instagram- Dean

“Instagram” was released in 2017 and is about the loneliness that comes with using social media. The song is very relaxed as Dean addresses the influence the internet has on him. The track and the symbolism in the music video go hand-in-hand and is definitely a song to check out.

What are some of your favorite songs to vibe to?