Here Are 10+ K-Pop Songs With Iconic Beat Drops

Which one is your fave?

K-Pop is known for its crazy sounds and aesthetically pleasing visuals and sometimes they add a bonus with a beat drop that makes it a complete bop. Here’s a compilation of some tracks with fun beat drops that are a must listen!

1. “MIROH” – Stray Kids

This track is from Stray Kids‘s fourth EP Clé 1: MIROH which was released in 2019.

2. “Me” – CLC

CLC’s “ME” is from their 2019 album, ME. This track includes fierce choreography brings up the power and energy of the song.

3. “Silent Night” – Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher’s “Silent Night” is from their album Raid of Dream from 2019

4. “Hate” – 4Minute

An oldie but a goodie, 4Minute’s “HATE” is from their 2016 EP Act. 7.

5. “Pirate King” – ATEEZ

ATEEZ’s “Pirate King” is from their 2018 album Treasure EP.1: All To Zero.

6. “Not Today” – BTS

BTS’s “Not Today” is from their 2016 album Blood Sweat & Tears.

7. “Fallin” – MONSTA X

This track comes from MONSTA X‘s 2018 extended play The Connect: Dejavu.

8. “Hard Carry” – GOT7

This classic bop comes from GOT7’s 2016 studio album Flight Log: Turbulence.


“DUN DUN” is a part of EVERGLOW’s latest EP Reminiscence, which was released on February 3, 2020.

10. “Getting Closer” – SEVENTEEN

This track is from SEVENTEEN’s 2019 extended play You Made My Dawn.

11. “Make This” – 1TEAM

A relatively new group, 1Team’s “Make This” is form their album ONE, from 2019.

What’s your favorite song with a classic beat drop?