These 10 Songs Are Some Of K-Pop’s Sexiest

These songs are some of the hottest in K-Pop.

If there’s one thing idols can do well, it’s the sexy concept.

1. “Move” – Taemin

Taemin‘s “Move” is a slow, sensual song that talks about moving to the rhythm and feeling yourself. The song talks about the gentle movements with the one that you love and being captivated by their every move.

2. “Baby Don’t Stop” – NCT U

The song’s meaning is pretty self-explanatory. They talk to the one they love and how their touch is electrifying. They don’t want it to stop because it’s so beautiful. They want that fire to keep burning.

3. “DALLY” – Hyolyn

DALLY” is Hyolyn‘s first solo song post-SISTAR‘s disbandment. The idol isn’t shy to expose some skin, wearing body suits and sports bras throughout the music video. The dance is extremely sensual and is bound to make you feel yourself too.

4. “EOEO” – UNIQ

The chorus of “EOEO” is what makes this song sexy. With the slow chorus and body rolls, fans can’t help but feel the sexiness of the song. The choreography of this song even has them on the floors grinding their hips! Is it getting hot in here?

5. “Paradise Lost” – Gain

The song is slow, dark, and sensual. The music video features the singer in a one-piece black body suit as she dances on the ground. As she rolls her hips, she stares into the camera with a seductive look. Anyone would fall for her.

6. “Mini Skirt” – AOA

Miniskirt” talks about how pretty they are and how everyone in the street watches them when they are wearing miniskirts, yet the one they want to notice them is the only who doesn’t. The song itself is very slow and the dance that accompanies it is very suggestive, as the girl unzip the zipper of their dress. Talk about sexy!

7. “DR Feel Good” – RAINA

DR Feel Good” is a song that talks about wanting to feel good by their special guy. The song is very suggestive and talks about how they want action and showing them how bad they’ve been. The dance itself is sexy — the girls are on the floor, rolling their hips, and even thrusting their hips. Their sexiness is overwhelming.

8. “Vibrato” – Stellar

Stellar‘s “Vibrato” talks about how she’s not feeling like herself because she’s falling for a boy, but she denies it. It makes her tremble, hence, “Vibrato”. The music video shows the girls in glass cases, their skin pressing against the glass. They wear cute little shorts and crop tops, it’s easy to see why fans find it so sexy.

9. “Mister” – KARA

The song itself is very upbeat and lively, it’s the dance that makes it sexy! Kara‘s “Mister” is famous for its butt dance, where they shake their butts at the camera. They way they move their hips and shake their booty is what makes fans call this track sexy!

10. “The Eve” – EXO

EXO’s “The Eve” is a very slow song. Though the lyrics itself aren’t sexual, the dance moves are definitely suggestive. The main point of the dance is when they lift their arms and do a slow body wave. It’s the killer move — EXO-L‘s had to catch their breath for that one!

Which sexy k-pop song is your favorite?