Here Are The 10 K-Pop Songs With The Most Music Show Wins Since 2000

All these songs are iconic.

Getting a music show win is an honor for K-Pop groups because it shows the amount of love fans have poured into the song, as well as the general public being aware of the song.

There are many K-Pop songs that have gotten multiple wins on music shows, proving the popularity of the song and group. A YouTube channel by the name of “K-pop MVs viewcount” put together a list of the K-Pop songs with the most music show wins. Here are the 10 K-Pop songs that got the most music show wins since the year 2000.

#10. “Gee” (Girls’ Generation): 14 wins

#9. “Growl” (EXO): 14 wins

#8. “Lion Heart” (Girls’ Generation): 14 wins

#7. “Navillera” (GFRIEND): 14 wins

#6. “Rough” (GFRIEND): 15 wins

#5. “Energetic” (WANNA ONE): 15 wins

#4. “LUV” (Apink): 17 wins

#3. “Call Me Baby” (EXO): 18 wins

#2. “Gangnam Style” (PSY): 20 wins

#1. “Boy With Luv” (BTS): 21 wins

Here is the full video below!