10+ K-Pop Songs That Have Played During The Tokyo 2020 Olympics (So Far)

They even played B-sides and songs from YEARS ago!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have officially begun and K-Pop fans are already catching tons of their favorite artists’ music playing during the events! Here’s a list of 13 songs by K-Pop artists that have played during this first week of the Olympics.

1. NCT 127 – “Kick It”

NCT 127’s 2019 release “Kick It” has played multiple times during broadcasts of Olympic soccer matches!


“ASAP” by STAYC played while athletes were warming up for a volleyball match!


“Magic,” a B-side from TXT’s latest album, played during a boxing match!

4. ITZY – “Don’t Give A What”

Another B-side, ITZY’s song “Don’t Give A What” could be heard while broadcasters discussed the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team, with Simone Biles and Jade Carey on screen!

5. OH MY GIRL – “Dun Dun Dance”

After the Korean volleyball team scored against Brazil, OMG’s “Dun Dun Dance” played during a recap of the play!

6. BLACKPINK – “Lovesick Girls”

“Lovesick Girls” was heard during a volleyball match between China and Turkey!


BLACKPINK also had their song “BOOMBAYAH” play when the Korean Women’s Archery Team won gold!

8. SEVENTEEN – “Very Nice”

“Very Nice” played during Brazil and Tunisia’s volleyball match!

9. BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang”

The group’s 2015 single “Bang Bang Bang” was heard during a qualifying match between China’s and Turkey’s volleyball teams!

10. WINNER – “Really Really”

WINNER fans heard “Really Really” playing for a broadcast of a match between South Korea’s and Italy’s Women’s Archery teams!

11. BTS – “Dynamite”

The South Korean archery team won against Bangladesh, and BTS’s “Dynamite” played while the teams were greeting each other at the end of the match!

12. BTS – “Butter”

“Butter” played during a boxing set between Japan’s Tsukimi Namiki and Uganda’s Catherine Nanziri!

13. BTS – “Permission To Dance”

BTS’s latest single played during a broadcast of Men’s Gymnastics!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will go until August 8th, so who knows how many more K-Pop songs will be featured by then!