10 K-Pop Songs To Set As Your Morning Alarm

K-Pop makes everything better!

Waking up early can be difficult, especially when a loud, blaring “BEEEEEEP!” is the first sound you hear in the morning.

So, we’ve compiled a list of 10 K-Pop songs you can set as your alarm to make getting up just a *little* more enjoyable!

1. FIRE by BTS

We can’t imagine anyone staying asleep after playing the beginning of FIRE! The lyrics match as well, with J-Hope‘s “When I wake up in my room!”

2. Clap by SEVENTEEN

The iconic “BAKSU! SEVENTEEN right here!” is sure to make your morning start off right. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up thinking about S. Coups?

3. The Real by ATEEZ

The loud screech at the beginning accompanied by Hongjoong‘s “How you feelin’ out there? ATEEZ present!” will definitely get you up and running! With The Real, the sentiment of being yourself and staying humble shines through with its energetic sound.

4. Kill This Love by BLACKPINK

Feel like an absolute savage by waking up to Kill This Love! Specifically the part where BLACKPINK destroys a wall with their fierce dance moves.

5. God’s Menu by Stray Kids

Rapper Changbin is so powerful he can wake up even the heaviest of sleepers with his introduction! It’s also impossible to not immediately shoot up out of bed and scream “DU, DU, DU, DU, DU, DU!”

6. Bloom Bloom by THE BOYZ

An adorable way to start your day with some flower boys! Feel fresh and energized with a “Bloom bloom pow!”


No matter how you’re feeling in the morning, hearing this song as soon as your awake will definitely inspire you to dress your best and slay the day!


This song is the epitome of “queen” vibes, and we’re pretty sure it’s impossible to not feel like a badass after listening to it!

9. Paint The Town by LOONA

LOONA‘s new song is an absolute banger, so it had to be on this list! When Heejin asks “Are you ready for some action,” who are we to say no!


This song is loud and proud, perfect for making you feel like a total beast and ready to conquer anything. Plus, member Joohoney even tells you to “Open your eyes!”

Which song are you going to set as your alarm?