10 K-Pop Songs For The Times You Just Want To Be Calm and Relaxed

For all those times when you just need a moment to yourself.

Sometimes you need a break too. These songs will help calm you down and keep you relaxed.

1. “One of These Nights” – Red Velvet

The moment you hear the violin, you will be brought to a peaceful state of mind. The song is slow and features the girl’s harmonies and allows them to showcase their voices with a ballad-leaning track.

2. “Sleep Tight, Good Night” – TWICE

The acoustic guitar makes this song even more calming. The song talks about talking about one’s day and resting with the one you love. Since life is often tiring in real life, you can spend peaceful times with the one you love in your dreams.

3. “Quasimodo” – SHINee

The song is soft and the members sing slowly throughout the song. The boys can be heard harmonizing here and it’s perfect for those who just want a slow song to lull them to sleep.

4. “She’s Dreaming” – EXO

EXO‘s “She’s Dreaming” is the perfect song for those moments you just need to calm down and feel good. A slow love song about dreaming about your lover while asleep at night, it will definitely help you up at peace.


The song is reminiscent of songs that are sung around a campfire, being surrounded by an aura of complete bliss. The song talks about wanting your loved one to stay with you. Even if they have wronged you in the past, you continue to love them and want them to never leave your side. The guitars, the harmonica, and the soft clapping in the chorus will help you relax during even your most stressful times.

6. “Hear Me” – (G)I-DLE

Another soulful track, (G)I-DLE‘s “Hear Me” is a slow song that talks about a lover that treats them like a stranger, which causes them to feel neglected. Despite all of that, they will continue to stay by their side and love them. Just like Red Velvet’s “One of These Nights”, it’s a song that is ballad leaning and will help if you ever need something to listen to fall asleep.

7. “Through The Night” – IU

IU‘s sweet and soft vocals will definitely help you calm you down, even if you are stressed and tired. A melancholic song that talks about ones love and all the moments they created together. The song talks about missing them dearly and wanting the words in their heart to be spoken but keeping them hidden.

8. “Downpour” – I.O.I

I.O.I‘s final song as a group is known as a sad song that talks about parting ways, but it is also a song that could help you feel calm and let your feelings out during times of stress. The slow song not only talks about parting ways, but also that all of this is just a “passing downpour”, and things will look up in the end.

9. “Sailing” – Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

“Sailing” is a song that talks about remembering a loved one, and how even if there were times that were sad, they can still make new memories to overcome those. It talks about staying together until the end and keeping the promises they made in the past. This sweet and soft song will definitely help calm you down, especially late at night.

10. “Smile Flower” – SEVENTEEN

This sweet acoustic track is the perfect song to calm you down and clear your head. The song talks about loving someone so much that even just being around them causes them to smile. Just knowing that they are theirs makes them happy. They don’t even want to think of a future apart since they love them so much. They are afraid to disappoint them and cause them pain and because of this, they are apologetic in case a time like this ever happened. A sweet love song, this track will definitely help keep you relaxed.

Which song is your favorite?

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