These 10 K-Pop Songs Will Have You Ready For Summer

These songs will hype you up for summer!

For all of those who can’t for summer break, here are some K-Pop songs to get you in the summer mood!

1. “Hola Hola” by KARD

KARD‘s “Hola Hola” is a refreshing summer track featuring tropical house beats. The music video features palm trees and road trips with friends; it will have you yearning for the summer break!

2. “Touch My Body” by SISTAR

One of the classics from the “Queen of Summer Anthems“, “Touch My Body” is an upbeat, lively song that will definitely give you summer vibes. The music video has bright colors and lots of water, it will have you wanting to hit the pool ASAP!

3. “Red Flavor” by Red Velvet

Released for their “The Red Summer” album, “Red Flavor” is a fun track talking about love and enjoying the summer flavor. The song has a refreshing feeling and the music video only heightens that. With bright colors and the constant fruit theme, it will have you wanting to taste the “Red Flavor” too!

4. “Party” by Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Party” talks about celebrating the summer time by partying. They list off drinks that are perfect for the heat of the summer and it will make you want a sip of those refreshing beverages.

Lemon soju, tequila for me, mojito for you.

The music video features the girls having the time of their lives while they’re stranded on the beach. With bright colors and lots of bodies of water, the summer feeling is definitely intense with this song.

5. “Hot Summer” by f(x)

This summer anthem talks about how to beat the summer heat. They name many activities, like going to the ice cream shop and playing in the water. One of the most well-known summer tracks, this song will definitely bring you back to your favorite summer memory.

6. “Dance the Night Away” by TWICE

Dance the Night Away” is a fun summer track that talks about the partying and enjoying the sound of the waves, the sea, the wind, and the sand. With strong references to staying by the beach, this summer track will have you wanting to hit the nearest beach to enjoy the smell of the sea.

The music video shows the girl stranded on a deserted island. Instead of panicking, the girls decided to have the time of their lives enjoying the water and having a party at night. Talk about the perfect summer!

7. “Love U” by Chungha

Another song featuring tropical house beats, Chungha‘s “Love U” will have you yearning for a summer love. The music video features palm trees and cute summer-themed clothes that will have you wanting to hit a resort and just lounge around all day.

8. “I’m Serious” by DAY6

Despite the title, “I’m Serious” isn’t a very serious track. In fact, it’s a lively, easy-going song that will remind you of the summer breeze and just hanging out with your friends. The music video shows the boys on a road trip and jamming along by the beach. The sing will make you want to pack your bags and just drive with the ones you love.

9. “View” by SHINee

View” is a mellow EDM summer track that is perfect for those hot summer days where you just want to relax and have a moment to yourself. The music video shows the boys of SHINee embracing their youthful spirit and having fun in the summer. They go on adventures with friends, have flings, and live their lives to the fullest.

10. “Ko Ko Bop” by EXO

EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop” takes influence from reggae fusion to create this track. The music video features a lot of green and blues that will remind you of the trees, the bright blue sky, and the water. The boys of EXO are also seen dressed in floral patterns and flowy shirts that will remind you of the warmth of the summer breeze.

Which is summer anthem is your favorite?