10 K-Pop Staff Members Who Should Win Awards For Being So Freakin’ Awesome

Can you guess who won the “I Didn’t Strangle The Maknae” Award?

Behind every K-Pop star is a team of dedicated staff members who look over their group’s safety, wardrobe, and daily needs. We think that these dedicated employees deserve awards just as much as their idols do!


1. SEVENTEEN’s staff noona – Winner of the “I Do It For The Fans” Award

Carats have given their stamp of approval to this poker-faced staff noona for taking care of both SEVENTEEN and their fans. She earned major fanservice points for helping Wonwoo hold his rose the “right” way.


2. BTS’s stylist – Winner of the “I Didn’t Strangle The Maknae” Award

Jungkook really knows how to stress a coordi-noona out. During an episode of American Hustle Life, Jungkook made the mistake of floating around a pool while wearing his outfit for BTS‘s “Boy in Luv” US music video. This stylist told him to get out of the water, reminding him that he did not have other clothes to change into if his got wet! Kudos go to this noona for preventing a wardrobe disaster!


3. Lovelyz’s stylists – Winners of the “No Wardrobe Malfunctions” Award

On stage, some female idols look uncomfortable in their stage outfits and can be seen pulling down short skirts to prevent mishaps. Lovelyz, on the other hand, always seems confident in their clothes because their awesome stylists know how to make them stylish and comfortable.

Their skirts are either an appropriate length or they are insured against potential slips with safety pants or gym shorts.


4. Stray Kids’ manager – Winner of the “Manager to the Rescue” Award

Stray Kids fans captured this loving act of kindness between Lee Know and his manager outside of the Music Bank building, following a rehearsal for the show’s June 29 episode.

Lee Know hurt his foot/ankle during this rehearsal and had trouble walking his own, so his manager stepped up and carried him all the way from the rehearsal to the group’s vehicle.


5. Girls’ Generation’s managers – Winners of the “Patient AF” Award

Hyoyeon is one of Girls Generations’ silliest members, and this manager is one of the many staff members who has had to deal with her antics.

Taeyeon isn’t any better! This manager is so used to her quirkiness though that he didn’t bat an eye when she did this. Girls’ Generation’s managers have been winning this particular award since 2007!


6. BLACKPINK’s managers – Winners of the “Do You See What I Have To Put Up With?” Award

This BLACKPINK manager used to be a bowler. He planned to show BLACKPINK the proper way to throw a ball, but completely botched his toss. He had to deal with his embarrassment and the members’ nonstop laughter!

BLACKPINK’s managers also have to put up with the girls’ constant teasing…

…on camera, no less!


7. NCT’s manager – Winner of the “I’m Hot Enough To Be A Member” Award

Look at him.

Just look at him.

Need we say more?


8. IU’s bodyguard – Winner of the “BFF Bodyguard” Award

IU and her giant bodyguard, Mr. Park, have one of the cutest idol-staff relationships ever.

Mr. Park has been keeping IU safe since 2011, and is never far from her side.

He has been known to go above and beyond the call of duty with small acts of kindness…

…and even IU’s fans love him!


9.  WINNER’s bodyguard – Winners of the “We Don’t Want To Brag, But We’re Geniuses” Award

Mr. Park isn’t the only bodyguard award winner on this list! In an effort to combat fan crowding, WINNER’s bodyguards used this innovative method to give the stars as much room as possible. Somebody give these guys a raise!


10. TWICE’s former manager – Winner of the “I Love ONCEs” Award

TWICE‘s former manager Kim Na Yeon loves the girls, but she also cares a lot about ONCEs.

She once gained attention at a TWICE fan sign event when she helped this wheelchair-bound fan meet the members up close and personal!