10 Habits And Life Lessons ARMY Has Learned From BTS

What have you learned from BTS?

BTS is taking over the world but they may also be changing your habits and giving you more knowledge. The group has never been afraid to share their lives with fans and in turn, ARMYs have picked up some BTS-isms along the way. Here are just a few habits and life lessons you may have learned as an ARMY.


1. Being proud of who you are

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, at some point in your life you have probably felt like you don’t belong. But there’s just something about BTS that can make you feel like you don’t need to be anything or anyone but you!


Whether it’s the unapologetic way they just are themselves or simply identifying with the members, BTS is making it okay to be yourself.


2. Working hard to fulfill your dreams

Once you become an ARMY you see how much work BTS and other idols put into their work. The members have never been shy about how they got to where they are and seeing their unending dedication to fulfill their dreams inspires you to do the same.


3. Self-care

Although this one isn’t always specific to BTS, our idols often inspire us to take better care of ourselves. Maybe you see how jacked Jungkook is and decide to work out yourself.


Or you see them taking such good care of their skin.


Then there are their messages of self-love that really make you want to stop with any self-hate.No matter what it is, BTS is inspiring people to take better care of themselves.


4. Fingerhearts

This is one of those little quirks you may have picked up from watching so many videos featuring the boys.


But seriously once you start it’s almost impossible to stop!


5. Trying out new music

The boys are always suggesting new music or telling fans who they are listening to. As an ARMY you’re often interested in what the members are interested in and so will listen to their suggestions. In doing so, you’ll find a whole bunch of new music that you may have never found otherwise!


6. Interest in learning Korean

Welcome to the K-Pop life, you may want a basic introduction to Korean! When you get into K-Pop you start wanting to learn Korean so that you can understand your idols and not have to go through the painful wait for subtitles.


7. Learning about new things

BTS will make you want to learn new things. You might find yourself wanting to learn to cook like Jin…


Or learn how to dance like J-Hope…


Or maybe rap like Suga!


You might want to be a great impressionist like RM.


Or learn to play the saxophone like V.


Maybe learn to jump as high as Jimin.


Or try out anything the golden maknae does!


On top of wanting to learn things from the members, you might also find yourself wanting to learn more about the music industry!


8. Not caring about your laugh

Some people can be self-conscious about their laugh. Jimin laughs with his whole body and Jin has his windshield-wiper laugh, but do they care? No!


After seeing them being so comfortable with themselves, you give up on caring about how others see you and let your belly laugh fill the room!


9. Jungkook’s head tilt

Jungkook has this really cute habit of tilting his head whenever he’s getting ready to try something. As an ARMY you may find yourself doing the same thing!


10. Caring for other people

Each member of BTS cares for the others like they are one big family. You can’t help but admire their bond and in turn, you will start caring about others like BTS.