These Are The 10 Longest Charting 2018 K-Pop Songs On Gaon

It’s been a year, and some of these songs are still charting!

2018 was a fantastic year for K-Pop fans. Many fandoms were blessed with some incredible releases from their idol groups.

And even though it is 2019, some of these songs are still charting on the Gaon Top 100.

Here is a list of the Top 10 longest-charting K-pop group songs on the Gaon Top 100.

10. The Truth Untold (BTS)

This collaboration between Steve Aoki and BTS’s vocal line is one of the most beloved B-sides by ARMYs.

“The Truth Untold” charted for 38 weeks.

9. Love Shot (EXO)

EXO released a repackaged version of their fifth studio album with the title track “Love Shot.” The album’s sales officially made EXO the first South Korean act to sell over 10 million records across their career.

“Love Shot” is still charting at 41 weeks since its release.


The answer to whether this song was a success is “Yes or Yes,” because TWICE once again hit it out of the ballpark with their 2018 comebacks.

“Yes or Yes” charted on the Gaon Top 100 for 42 weeks.

7. BBoom BBoom (MOMOLAND)

“BBoom BBoom” was not only a hit in Korea, but it also went viral across the world. The YouTube video has currently amassed more than 350 million views.

“BBoom BBoom” was on the Gaon Top 100 for 43 weeks.

6. Only one for me (BTOB)

BTOB returned with the perfect summer anthem, with “Only one for me” furthering their dominance of the domestic charts.

“Only one for me” charted for 48 weeks on the Gaon Top 100.


BLACKPINK made their long-awaited comeback with “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” generating an iconic choreography that the whole world recognizes.

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” also has the distinction of being the most viewed YouTube video by a K-Pop group and is fast approaching 1 billion views.

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” charted on the Gaon Top 100 for 51 weeks.


“Love Yourself: Tear” was the first BTS album to debut at number one on the Billboard 200. And there was certainly no “Fake Love” for that album.

“Fake Love” charted for one full year, staying on the Gaon Top 100 for 52 weeks.


BTS made another comeback with the ultimate confidence anthem where the members proclaim their pride in being an “IDOL.”

“IDOL” is still on the Gaon Top 100, having charted for 55 weeks and still ongoing.


iKON set the bar high for 2018 when the group made a comeback with “LOVE SCENARIO” in January. Instantly the song topped the charts, with everyone in Korea knowing the lyrics and melody.

“LOVE SCENARIO” was on the charts for a total of 60 weeks.

1. Dance The Night Away (TWICE) (+ 1 week)

And the longest-charting K-Pop song from 2018 is “Dance The Night Away”! The song also has the honor of earning TWICE’s first platinum certification from the Korean Music Content Association (KMCA).

“Dance The Night Away” charted for an astounding total of 62 weeks! Nothing unexpected of the “Nation’s Girl Group.”