10 Lovable GIFs Of BTS Feeding Each Other You Need To See Right Now

They share more than blood, sweat and tears.

The BTS boys have been through so much together, and those who ride together, eat together. The members seem to have an unspoken agreement that when it comes to food, they share — by any means necessary!


1. Jungkook gets babied by V

They can be seen happily slurping jjajangmyeon from the same container and set of chopsticks.


2. Jungkook and V make sure no food gets left to waste

Jungkook casually eats food fallen from V’s mouth.


3. Jin‘s leftovers are still fair game

No harm in recycling food… that’s been sitting on the side of Jin’s mouth!


4. Getting intimate with J-Hope

Sucking the leftovers from each other’s fingers…


5. RM loses half his food

J-Hope steals RM’s half-eaten food and enjoys it without a moment’s hesitation.


6. Jin, the force-feeder

No waiting… shove it all in.


7. A chicken feast featuring Jin and Jungkook

Patiently waiting for the full piece of chicken.


8. RM and Jin sharing the love…while Jungkook watches

Group love, waiting in line for each to take a bite!


9. Jimin accepts food gracefully

Hand to mouth, no qualms here…


10. Suga refuses Jin’s kindness

Rejecting Jin’s charity…


11. Bonus: watch Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook spread the foodie love!

Source: Nate Pann