10 Male Celebrities Koreans Wish They Could Spend Christmas With

Any one of them would be a dream come true for the holidays.

Using the responses from over a thousand Koreans, a survey discovered which celebrities they wanted to spend the Christmas holidays with most. Here are the ten male Korean celebrities who received the most love.

10. Lee Seung Gi

With talents in multiple areas, Lee Seung Gi would fit right at home at any Christmas celebration.

9. Park Bo Gum

From the warm energy actor Park Bo Gum radiates, no wonder he would be one of the most sought after.

8. Kim Seon Ho

With all of the love actor Kim Seon Ho gained from the drama Start-Up, he’s someone lots of viewers want to spend their time with.

7. Gong Yoo

From all the roles notable actor Gong Yoo has taken on, the one fans wouldn’t mind seeing is him by their side at a Christmas celebration.

6. Ong Seong Wu

Whether he’s singing or acting, Ong Seong Wu is the idol/actor that would light up any holiday.

5. Seo Kang Joon

Even though 5urprise have parted ways to different agencies, actor Seo Kang Joon is still in the hearts of many to snatch up the fifth spot.

4. Lim Young Woong

Trot singer and overall entertainer Lim Young Woong would make any Christmas celebration a blast with his various charms.

3. Nam Joo Hyuk

Since starring alongside Kim Seon Ho in the hit drama Start-Up, actor Nam Joo Hyuk easily earned 15% of the votes.

2. Jung Hae In

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Taking in 18.4% of the votes, Jung Hae In—another actor part of the drama Start-Up—has made his way into fans’ hearts as they wish to spend the holidays with him.

1. Park Seo Joon

Taking the top spot and 34% of the votes, notable actor Park Seo Joon needs no introduction. From Parasite to Itaewon Class, everyone would want to spend time with him.

Source: Naver