These 10 Male Idols Have Beautiful Eyes That Will Absolutely Captivate You

One look and you’ll fall in love.

With beautiful, sparkling eyes, these 10 male idols will captivate you with their gaze!

1. BTS’s Jungkook

bts jungkook1 bts jungkook2

2. TXT’s Taehyun

taehyun1 taehyun2

3. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

vernon1 vernon2


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5. NCT DREAM’s Jaemin

jaemin1 jaemin2

6. Park Jihoon

jihoon4 jihoon5

7. Bae Jinyoung

jinyoung1 jinyoung2

8. GOT7’s Jinyoung

got7 jinyoung1 got7 jinyoung2

9. NCT’s Jaehyun

jaehyun3 jaehyun4

10. UP10TION’s Wooshin

wooshin1 wooshin2

Source: Pann
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