10 Male Idols That Gay Korean Men Are In Love With

We bet you can’t guess who #1 is!

Just recently, hundreds of gay men from South Korea voted on online communities for who their favorite male celebrities were. The idols below are the ten best idols that they have selected.

10. BTOB’s Sungjae (Overall: 52)

It’s easy to see this multi-talented singer on this list especially after his acting success in Goblin and Mystic Pop-Up Bar!

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9. Ong Seong Wu (Overall: 44)

This idol recently began his solo journey earlier this year and his acting journey just last year, and he’s killing it!

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8. 2PM’s Junho (Overall: 37)

This man has been stopping hearts since 2008. With a body like that and the talent to match, he won’t be coming off this list any time soon!

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7. Day6’s Wonpil (Overall: 29)

Who wouldn’t like a man who can play the keyboard (and a little bit of guitar)? Bands will always stay sexy.

6. EXO’s D.O. (Overall: 28)

While he was already breaking hearts with EXO, D.O.’s beauty increased its audience with his award-winning acting.

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5. BTS’s Jin (Overall: 27)

How could BTS’s visual not be on this list? He’s not worldwide handsome for nothing!

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4. MONSTA X’s Shownu (Overall: 26)

Shownu’s sheer muscle and protective personality would make anyone fall in love with him.

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3. BTS’s V (Overall: 25)

Many have awarded this vocalist with “Sexiest/Most Handsome Man Alive”. For good reason!

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2. NU’EST’s Baekho (Overall: 20)

Baekho’s generosity and warm-hearted nature is just the cherry on top of a multi-talented, fit man.

| theqoo

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1. 2PM’s Taecyeon (Overall: 13)

This man has done it all for years and it’s no surprise he’s number one. From his notorious shirtless scenes, to his deep voice, to his sexy dance, how could he not win the hearts of many!

| @da_lovin24/Twitter
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Source: theqoo and Freepik