10 Times Male Idols Wore Jaw-Droppingly Hot Stage Outfits

Thank you, stylists!

All K-Pop idols wear stage outfits when they perform on stage, but some outfits end up being more memorable than others. In the case of male idols, these outfits are the super hot ones you don’t want to show your parents!

For your viewing pleasure, we compiled some of the hottest stage outfits ever worn by male idols. Enjoy!

1. Minho – SHINee

You don’t have to look far to find a hot K-Pop idol. Having debuted in 2008, Minho has been known for being one of the most good looking male idols in the industry for years!

2. Sehun – EXO

With his broad shoulders and tall height, EXO‘s Sehun would look good in anything…but we’re glad he wears outfits like this on occasion!


L‘s classically handsome face may appear to be a strong contrast to this sheer and unique stage outfit, but he manages to pull it off so well.

4. Jungkook – BTS

Jungkook may be the maknae of BTS, but it’s when he wears daring outfits like this one that his manly side really shines through!

5. 2PM

Ah yes, the OG manly idols. Look no further than boy group 2PM to see a group filled with buff, masculine men. If you’ve never watched any of their performances before, you’re definitely missing out!

6. Taeyang – BIGBANG

Taeyang is arguably BIGBANG‘s resident “macho member”. With defined six pack abs that he’s not afraid to bare to the world, this should really come as no surprise.

7. Kai – EXO

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without EXO’s Kai. From head to toe, everything about this man is pure perfection.

8. Siwon – Super Junior

Super Junior‘s Siwan also boasts defined six pack abs, broad shoulders, and a handsome face. It’s no wonder he’s the ideal type of many women!

9. Jay Park

True to his image, Jay Park is undeniably a tough guy with a strong personality. Case in point, he regularly goes shirtless and proudly bares his tattoos, but don’t be mistaken—he has a sense of humor as well!

10. Minhyuk – BTOB

Finally, don’t let Minhyuk‘s baby face fool you. He has six pack abs most people would envy, and he’s not afraid to show them!