10 Male K-Pop Idol “Sunshines” That Shine Brighter Than The Sun Itself

These idols are sure to give you a serotonin boost!

Each K-Pop group tends to have one or multiple “sunshine” or “mood-maker” members with a bright personality that re-energizes the people around them. Without further ado, here is a non-exhaustive list of male K-Pop idol sunshines to brighten your day!

1. BTS’s J-Hope

No list of K-Pop “sunshine” idols would be complete without J-Hope. His positive and bubbly personality can brighten up any room instantly!

2. GOT7’s Youngjae

While he may not be the loudest member in GOT7, we’re pretty sure his pure laugh could cure any sickness. He’s just so genuine and sweet, there’s no way anyone would not like him!

3. NCT’s Haechan

I mean, his nickname “Full Sun” says it all. He even gave his personal fans the nickname “Sunflower!” With his bright, infectious laugh and constant jokes, it’s impossible not to smile when he’s around.

4. NCT’s Jungwoo

His nickname “Snoopy” perfectly sums up his adorable puppy-like personality. He’s willing to act cute and do anything to make his members and NCTzens laugh or smile!

5. Stray Kids’ Felix

Felix is so down-to-earth and genuine, and his happy smile and laugh is always a guaranteed serotonin boost. He’s always soft and caring of his members, and loves to bake yummy treats to show his love!

6. EXO’s Baekhyun

Baekhyun always makes it his personal mission to make his fellow members laugh. His SuperM members have even shared that Baekhyun goes out of his way to make them laugh, and was instrumental in cementing their close bond!


DK is one of SEVENTEEN’s many mood-makers, and constantly makes his members and fans laugh from his outrageous actions. He’s just effortlessly funny and bright!


MJ is unapologetically bright and always full of energy. His laughter is highly infectious, and his humor has landed him on comedy shows like “Blanket Kick At Night!”

9. ENHYPEN’s Sunoo

How can someone see his bright smile and not feel like they’re floating? His soft warmth and presence is so comforting, and hearing his laugh just feels like a warm hug.

10. ATEEZ’s San

Don’t be fooled by intimidating stage presence and cutting visuals, San is practically the embodiment of uwu. His boy-ish wonder and love for life is sure to make you feel ten times lighter!

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