Here Are 10+ Male Rappers Whose Verses Are Fire

They spittin’ fire.

There are so many talented idols out there, and they just keep getting better! Constantly honing their skills, these rappers on the list continue to deliver the best examples of their talent in every performance, and are notable for their technique and flow! While we saw 10+ talented female rappers earlier, here are 10+ male rappers in K-Pop that spit absolute fire in their own unique ways!


1) Epik High’s Tablo

Leader and producer of the legendary hip hop group Epik High, Tablo has had a long, very successful career as a rapper! His skills and talent have been especially remarkable  in an industry of rappers, and he continues to reign as a well-recognized king even now!


2) Epik High’s Mithra Jin

Tablo’s bandmate, Mithra Jin is another talented rapper! He helps produce the group’s songs, and also lends to it his notable skills and power.


3) Zico

Zico is well-known as a very skilled rapper! Originally making his debut as an underground rapper under the name Nacseo, he eventually debuted with Block B in 2011 as their main rapper! Along with his talent for rapping, he is also praised for his flair for songwriting, and has accrued many credits to his name!


4) BTS’s RM

BTS‘s leader and main rapper RM is a very accomplished artist! Originally active int he underground hip hop scene under the name Runch Randa, he ultimately signed with Big Hit Entertainment in 2010, and debuted with BTS in 2013! Since his debut, he has been credited for his immense talent as a rapper, as well as an accredited lyricist and composer for many artists within and outside of his label!


5) VIXX’s Ravi

VIXX‘s Ravi debuted with the group in 2012, and has stunned fans ever since with his talent and aptitude as a gifted rapper! He debuted as a solo artist in 2017, giving fans more of a chance to appreciate his talent!


6) BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

BIGBANG‘s legendary leader and main rapper G-Dragon has carved out his own path as  an accomplished rapper and dancer. Not only is he notable for his vocal abilities, he’s also a very accomplished songwriter winning numerous accolades!


7) BTS’s Suga

BTS’s Suga is also a well-known rapper! e originally debuted in an underground hip hp crew named D-Town, and was active under the name Gloss. After debuting with BTS in 2013, he has gone on to shape the legacy of BTS by lending his signature touch in the lyricism and composition of the group’s songs, and is also appreciate for his talent int he works of other artists as well!


8) Monsta X’s Joohoney

Monsta X was formed but the survival show No Mercy, and throughout the show, Joohoney was a strong contender throughout! Known for his sharp skills and rapid flow, Joohoney was praised throughout the show, and with his debut in Monsta X as the main rapper, has continued to hone his skills to be a rapper to beat!


9) BTS’s J-Hope

BTS J-Hope‘s reputation was at first well established due to his dancing skills, which ultimately led him to pursue a career as an idol. After debuting with BTS in 2013, he has refined his skills with such finesse that he is now one of the most notable rappers active in the industry currently! He also has numerous credits for songwriting and composing, making sure his talents and skills reaches far and wide on the musical spectrum!


10) iKON’s Bobby

Bobby debuted as the main rapper of iKON in 2015, and has seen a fruitful career since! He also participated in the hip hop survival show Show Me The Money 3, taking first places earning further respect as a hip hop artist. He is also an accomplished songwriter and composer, and incorporates his style into every song that he writes!


11) WINNER’s Song Mino

Debuting as the main rapper of WINNER in 2014, Song Mino is a well-established rapper! He participated in the survival show Show Me The Money 4 and finished as the series runner up, and has launched a successful solo career as well!


12) Monsta X’s I.M.

Monsta X’s lead rapper I.M. was introduced to the public through the survival show No Mercy. He was a late addition to the show, but completely blew away the judges and audience alike with his skills and charisma. He soon debuted with Monsta X in 2015, and the group’s songs are incomplete without his characteristic “I M what I M, man”!


13) PENTAGON’s Wooseok

PENTAGON‘s Wooseok debuted in 2016 as the group’s main rapper, and showcases his iconic skills in every song! He also has a lot of songwriting credits, which only help to further his burgeoning career as a hip hop artist!


14) NCT 127’s Mark

NCT 127‘s Mark has so far filled the position of main rapper in 3 of his NCT’s units: NCT U, NCT 127 as well as NCT Dream! With his charm and versatility as a rapper, he manages to mould all songs with his technique and unique color, and has also accrued a number of songwriting and composing credits to his name!


They’re all immensely talented!

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