10 Minor Mistakes In K-Pop Music Videos That Most People Don’t Notice

Number 7 is just adorable.

While a lot of effort is put into the making of a K-Pop music video, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been ones with minor mistakes in them. Here’s a list of some mistakes that have been spotted in K-Pop music videos.

1. “Mr. Simple” (Super Junior)

During the beginning of the music video, two Siwon‘s are present on the screen.

2. “Lion Heart” (Girls’ Generation)

SM Entertainment once misspelled the name of Girls’ Generation.

3. “Secret Story of The Swan” (IZ*ONE)

During the dance break for “Secret Story of The Swan”, Wonyoung and Yujin can be spotted in the corner.

4. “Me Gustas Tu” (GFRIEND)

Despite Umji walking to the board, she is shown still near the door in the next shot.

5. “200%” (AKMU)

Suhyun is seen taking a bite of her ice cream.

In the next shot, the ice cream has no bites in it.

6. “Kill This Love” (BLACKPINK)

Jennie is seen wearing black pants during this shot.

The very next shot, she is seen wearing white pants.

7. “Visual Dream” (Girls’ Generation)

Jessica is seen making some mistakes during the choreography.

8. “Dance The Night Away” (TWICE)

Dahyun magically teleports in this music video, as she is originally on a team with Jeongyeon in this shot.

The very next shot, she is seen being on the other team.

9. “Dinosaur” (AKMU)

The concrete is seen to be on the left side of Chanhyuk in this shot.

The very next shot, the concrete is on his right side.

10. “Like OOH-AHH” (TWICE)

Nayeon can be seen stealthily trying to move away.