10+ Moments Between BTS’s Jungkook and J-Hope That Show What Real Friendships Are Made Of

They’re #BFFGoals.

BTS fans may have noticed by now that J-Hope is Jungkook‘s #1 favorite “hyung (형, older brother)” and that Jungkook is pretty much J-Hope’s baby forever. These two share such an inspiring friendship, a brotherhood that had formed and strengthened over the years in which they trained together and performed together as BTS. Now, their “big bro x little bro” bond is pretty much unbreakable – and they show it by constantly displaying their love for each other for the whole world to see. Here are 10+ moments between J-Hope and Jungkook that scream best friends forever.


1. When Jungkook Was All “I’m-So-Proud-Of-Us”

Here’s Jungkook squeezing the heck out of J-Hope from being proud of how far they’ve come together!


2. When Jungkook Placed Himself In J-Hope’s Embrace

Brotherhood means huddling together, even in a small tent clearly meant for a fewer number of occupants.


3. When J-Hope Was Cute And Jungkook Was Cuter

J-Hope can try to be cute, but Jungkook will always go “Hold my mic.” A healthy battle of aegyo time to time keeps the friendship lively.


4. When J-Hope Thoroughly Enjoyed This “Back Hug”

When a single soul shares two bodies, this must be what it looks like.


5. And This Piggy Back Ride

Being a brother means being ready to carry each other whenever, wherever.


6. When J-Hope Was All “I’m-So-Proud-Of-You”

Here’s J-Hope petting the heck out of Jungkook’s hair with so much affection that simply cannot stay hidden.


7. When They Held Hands In Broad Daylight, No Shame

BFFs don’t care what the world sees or thinks. They will hold hands and they will walk away from all that judgment together.


8. When Jungkook Gave J-Hope A Private Dance Show

Friendship means randomly and voluntarily breaking into dance mode in the middle of the supermarket to spice things up for no reason.


9. When J-Hope Was Okay With Jungkook Choking Him With Love

Jungkook will always hug J-Hope too hard. But prolonged hugs, as much as they are breathing hazards, only mean the love is that sincere.


10. When These Two Cracked Up At Themselves

Brotherhood comes with a lot of teasing and laughing – and zero hard feelings.


11. When J-Hope Wanted Shoes And Jungkook Bought Them

When J-Hope wanted a pair of shoes, Jungkook was ready to swipe that card. Money may not buy love – but it definitely can buy shoes that are filled with love.


12. When J-Hope Looked At Jungkook Like He’s A Diamond

Find yourself a BFF who looks at you the way J-Hope looks at Jungkook, no matter what you do.


13. When Jungkook Trusted J-Hope With Lip Balm Duty

And it’s not only just lip balm application that Jungkook would entrust in J-Hope. The faith between these two is what will keep them together forever.

Source: THEQOO