Here Are 10+ Moments When BTS Lovingly Massaged Each Other On Camera

#8 would make you think that J-Hope was experiencing something else.

BTS is known as a boy group whose members love each other so much. Aside from showing their love through words…

…the members also prefer to show their love for one another by actions. Sometimes, this action can come in the form of playful bullying.

And sometimes, it can also come in the form of massaging each other. Here are 10+ moments when BTS members massaged each other’s body parts such as neck, legs, and even butts, while being filmed on camera.

1. Look at how Suga shows his love for J-Hope

J-Hope reciprocates Suga’s love for him as he smiles through the necessary pain.

2. Jungkook’s neck massage is really encouraging

He was so touched by V‘s message that he couldn’t help but massage him in response.

3. Since V isn’t feeling well, best friend Jimin is there to the rescue

V asked him if he could massage his butt, and since Jimin has only V’s well-being at the top of his mind, he went ahead and did what was requested of him.

4. Suga’s thinking, “Hmm, I wonder when my turn will be?”

5. On the rare occasion that Jungkook stops bullying Jimin…

…he shows his love for his hyung by giving him an encouraging neck massage instead.

6. This is how Jungkook hypes the members

When Jin got a bit flustered because he was complimented by the host, Jungkook massaged him and he started to hype himself, too.

7. Jin knows how to return favors, after all

Did Jungkook appreciate it? Look at his expression and be the judge yourself.

8. If his expression made you think of other things…

…it’s probably time to order your next batch of holy water online.

9. Jungkook loves to give and receive massages

That’s the way loving relationships work, right?

10. With J-Hope’s hands, your bones will be aligned in 10 minutes, or it’s free

11. Suga’s leg is numb, so Jimin went to help him

Aside from massaging V, Jimin also likes to help out his hyung, Suga, by massaging his numb legs for him. You can see with the way Jimin moves his body that he goes all out in the whole massaging process.

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