10 Moments Of BTS Enjoying Food That’s Guaranteed To Make You Hungry

Who would you like to have a meal with?

BTS are passionate about their craft just as much as they are about food! These boys know how to eat! Here’s a collection of BTS eating food that’s bound to make you hungry by the end of it.

1. Hot dogs

These boys really love hot dogs and are seen eating them in multiple videos.

2. Eat Jin

Eat Jin is a small segment done by Jin where he films what he eats. It’s oddly satisfying!

3. Catching food with mouth

The members seem to be very skilled with this as we’ve seen other clips of RM and other members catching food with their mouth as well.

4. Sharing food with one another

They are true family as they always are ready to share their food with each other.

5. 95ers love to eat

The 95 line of Jimin and V are twins when it comes to eating!

6. Eat Jin Part 2

Here’s another satisfying clip of Jin enjoying his meal.

7. Sweet Tooth

It’s no surprise that they love their sweets considering all the energy they use during practices. From pineapples to ice cream, they are always seen sharing their food.

8. V thoroughly enjoying his meal

This clip of V enjoying his meal will always have a special place in my heart.

9. Eat Jin Part 3

Jin really eats well doesn’t he?

10. Food=Happiness

Just look at how happy Jungkook is while eating his food!

There is nothing more wholesome and heartwarming than to see these boys eat well!