10+ Moments Of CLC’s Seungyeon Showing Off Her Superior Dance Lines

She’s such an incredible dancer!

As CLC‘s main dancer, Seungyeon shows off her sharp yet smooth dance lines, executed to perfection!

Here are 10+ times Seungyeon was an absolute dancing queen!

1. Seungyeon in this GIF just screams powerful.

She does this choreography so much justice; especially that high kick!

2. This sexy, intricate dance routine is perfect for Seungyeon!

Look at her kill those moves!

3. Her movements are so satisfying to watch!

She is so in sync with the other dancers in this GIF!

4. Curly-haired Seungyeon being her talented self

Dancing queen!

5. Power and grace, all in one!

She’s such a talented dancer!

6. Her performances on stage are incredible!

Her charisma is off the charts!

7. The moves, outfits; everything is perfect!

Seungyeon serving pure talent right here!

8. Her monthly choreography for “Malamente” is incredible!

Even sitting down, she’s still a sexy queen whose moves are on point!

9. “Black Dress” Seungyeon was perfection

Her solo part in the choreography slayed fans everywhere!

10. Stage Visuals!

She’s such a powerful presence on stage!

11. Dance practice

Even during practice, she’s killing it!

12. Queen of smooth dancing

Her dance lines are so incredible!

13. “Helicopter” solo part

Every solo dance part of Seungyeon’s is the best!

Seungyeon releases monthly dance videos on YouTube.

Watch her latest one here, with Jo Kwon and HEROCKETDAN!