10 Moments Of K-Pop Idols Being With Their Parents That’ll Make You Cry

These moments can put a smile on your face, and produce tears

K-Pop idols are constantly busy with their schedules, such as practicing, overseas schedules, filming, etc. They usually have to move away once they’re trainees and live in dorms once they become artists. Here are 10 moments of K-Pop idols being with their families that may produce a few tears.

1. Jackson (GOT7) reuniting with his parents

2. J-Hope (BTS) receiving birthday messages from his parents

3. L (INFINITE) after reading a letter from his mother

4. Bobby (iKON) video chatting with his mother

5. Daehwi (AB6IX) reuniting with his mother

6. Jiyeon’s (T-ara) father making a surprise visit

7. SEVENTEEN members reunited with their family members

8. Lisa (BLACKPINK) reunited with her family

9. Jinwoo (WINNER) reading a letter to his father

10. Minhyun (NU’EST) with his mother