Here Are 10+ Moments From NCT 127’s Offline Concert That Left Everyone Shook

Was anyone ok after #7?

NCT 127 successfully wrapped up their three-day concert on December 19 and if there is one thing that fans can agree on, it’s that it was a whole experience.

The concert was held both virtually and offline, and fans were treated not only to some impressive performances, but to some insanely sexy (and many funny) moments as well. Here are some of the moments that left fans feeling amused, emotional, and, more than anything, extremely shook. NCT 127 is back!


1. When Johnny and Taeyong gave us this moment

2. When Haechan and Jaehyun were both touching Taeil‘s butt and laughing to themselves

3. WayV being there to cheer for the 127 members

4. When Yuta gave this insane performance of his self-composed song

5. When Jaehyun said he felt like he was dancing for Chenle

6. When Taeyong came out in this fit

7. Johnny making people lose their minds with this solo performance (and then joking about it later)

8. Jaehyun and Yuta thinking Haechan had fainted

9. When Taeyong effortlessly caught the mic

10. When Jaehyun’s solo made people feel…things

11. Yuta’s reaction to Doyoung trying to fix his mic

12. When Taeyong teared up at seeing his family there

13. The way Taeil ended things with his iconic English line

Are any of us really ok?