10+ Moments That Prove BTS’s Jin and J-Hope Are The Most Hilarious Duo Ever

Get ready for some 2Seok!

What happens when you mix someone who loves to tell dad jokes and spread his love with someone who has a very sunny and bright personality? You get one of the best and most hilarious friendships ever! BTS‘s J-Hope and Jin are friendship goals and these moments between them prove that they just might be the most hilarious duo ever!


1. Jin’s “mite”y tendencies

Jin loves to give J-Hope hugs and J-Hope’s reactions to them are always great.


There’s just nothing like having a mite for a hyung!


2. Two peas in a pod

Then we have the two trying to figure out the name of the plant they see. Even the video captioner was stumped by their answer!


But even if they have no idea what they are talking about they just continue on!


3. How to beat the heat by Jin

Need to beat the summer heat? Well, if you’re Jin, the best way to do that is make J-Hope suffer with you!


Seriously, he’s starting to make a habit out of it!


4. M! Countdown love story

The accidental smooch met with some pretty hilarious reactions!


5. Whatever this is

We feel you Jungshook…err…Jungkook!


6. ARMY bomb delight

Jin hyung really loves to tease J-Hope!


7. Scared together

Scary situations are the best when you have another scaredy-cat that’s got your back!


8. Wardrobe wonders

When BTS turned into fashionista stylists for each other, somehow J-Hope and Jin ended up together.


With some rather hilarious results!


9. The old grandpa

Jin might like to tease J-Hope but that doesn’t mean that he can’t give it right back!


10. Dancing kings

Well, they were certainly excited to be cooking together. And really, they had the best dance moves ever!


11. Explosive surprise

The scaredy-cat syndrome strikes again! The two were 100% certain that the loud bang was going to scare them even though they knew it was coming.


And yet at the same time, the loud sounds of fireworks were totally fine and they could do this together.


12. Push and pull

Of course, who could forget this legendary 2Seok moment? Need we really say more?


13. Water fountain

Jin turned into a human water fountain with the help of J-Hope’s water bottle.


14. The best fan ever

And of course, who could forget when Jin turned into a fan? Although nobody is quite sure who the real fan was!