10+ Moments That Prove BTS’s Suga Is Actually A Dancing Machine In The Making

Watch out, dancing line. Suga’s coming for you.

You all know BTS‘s Suga as one of the greatest rappers who has ever lived.

Yes, you’re aware that your boy Suga could use his “tongue technology” to deliver iconic raps, but did you know that his body could do amazing dance moves, too?

Here are 10+ moments that reveal how Suga has been working on improving his dancing skills.

Check out till the end to see one of his best dances yet!


1. This signature move during “Baepsae”

2. The fire in his moves is undeniable

3. His hips don’t lie, either

4. We love a confident Min Yoongi

5. Look, a wild Pokemon is spotted!

6. If this didn’t make you clutch your chest in admiration, nothing will

7. “Bang bang” to every ARMY’s heart

8. Who knew angels could dance so smoothly?

9. Seems like someone’s been taking private dance lessons from J-Hope

10. Suga = swag and you can never convince ARMYs otherwise

11. Hip thrust that’ll send you straight to the hospital

12. Boy has got them moves, yo!

13. His body roll game is on point

14. Who says only women can twerk?

15. Look at how he’s really improved here

In BTS, there is no dancing line. There’s the “amazing dancers” line and the “hardworking dancers who are giving their best in every choreography” line. And Suga’s well on his way to transferring from the latter to the former.