10 Moments That Prove Just How Much EXO’s Baekhyun Cares For His Fans

Fans can’t get enough of Baekhyun!

EXO’s Baekhyun, who debuted with the group in 2012 under SM Entertainment, has been in the K-Pop industry long enough to understand the highs and lows of being an idol.

Even throughout all the obstacles he as a person and as part of a group had to face, he was able to endure it because of the support of the fans. Here are ten different moments that show just how much he cares and loves his fans.

1. Tell me you love me again

After hearing “I love you” from the fans, he asks them to say it again. “I will always make you happy. I love you. Thank you. You love me? Tell me again. Me too.”

2. Please worry about me

After saying goodbye to his fans he mentions that his back hurts and asks fans to worry about him.

3. He loves us as much as we love him

During a fan sign meeting, a fan tells him he loves him and he responds right away with “me too!”

4. He wants to hear what we have to say

Although the security guard tries to move the fan along, Baekhyun stops them so that he can listen to what the fan has to say.

5. He is happy knowing that we found strength through his music

Baekhyun pats a fan on the head after finding out that she made it through the hard times listening to his music.

6. He wants us to remember his name

A fan asked Baekhyun to write down his favorite word so that she could use it as her Twitter nickname, but later when she saw what he wrote she couldn’t help but smile. He wrote, “지은이: 백현” which is a play on words using her and his names. The girl in the tweet (후기) says her name is 지은 (Jieun) and the “To.–” part also reads “To 지은“.

7. He goes along with our nonsense

A fan attended a fan sign meeting in 2019 and asked is they could call Baekhyun ‘sunbae’ just once. He agreed and they acted out a skit of him asking if they studied for their exam.

8. He makes us feel comfortable

This audio clip reveals Baekhyun comforting a fan who has come to a fan meeting for the first time. He lets them know that he knows how they feel and that there is no need to cry.

9. His voice just makes you melt

Another fan can’t help but cry tears of joy after meeting him and Baekhyun comforts them with his sweet voice and laugh.

10. He hopes that people will like him

During a fan sign event in 2019, he heard that his solo track was well-received from the public. He felt that his song being popular equated to people liking him. Fans already know how great he is and that liking him is a given!

How can fans not love him when he is always thinking and caring about them?

Take a listen to Baekhyun’s new track “Candy” below!

Source: theqoo