10 Moments That Prove Taeyeon Is The K-Pop Queen of Dorks

Taeyeon‘s adorable aegyo moments make for some of the cutest GIFs ever!

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon has had so many legendary moments captured in  GIF-form.

Her adorable aegyo and other cute moments were caught on camera and turned into GIFs by her loving fans.

1. Taeyeon’s dank dance moves will forever go down in Running Man history

2. Taeyeon’s powerful moves wowed viewers on the TaeTiSeo television program!

3. She isn’t embarrassed to hurt her image a bit for a short joke.

4. Taeyeon’s reaction is everyone’s reaction seeing this reaction!

5. Taeyeon eats like a baby chipmunk. 

6. She dances to “Abracadabra” like Brown Eyed Girls’ newest, unofficial new member!

7. She will forever go down as one of the most legendary hosts! 

8. Taeyeon looks so adorable as she falls asleep during a cute episode of We Got Married! 

9. Taeyeon was more excited about her appearance on The Hidden Singer than anyone else!

10. Taeyeon is the silliest leader in all of K-Pop!