10 Moments That Show Why BTS’s Jimin Deserves Your Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Jimin deserves all the love (and the Valentine’s Day chocolates) in the world.

BTS’s Jimin has just been voted number one as “The Celebrity Most People Want To Give Valentine’s Day Chocolates To” this Valentine’s Day!

Does Jimin rightfully deserve the top spot?

Check out these moments carefully and tell us your answers later.

1. Asking you about who your Valentine’s Day date is

Can you resist Jimin’s charms when he’s showing you his shy spot?

2. Getting pleased when you say it’s him

Can you imagine Jimin being surprised at your answer?

3. Asking you again to make sure you’re not joking

Don’t play games with him.

4. Holding his breath and waiting for you to answer

Treat this as your next “try-not-to-smile” challenge.

5. That little flicker of smile when you say “yes”

Jimin’s eyes show the intensity of his emotions, even when he tries to hide it.

6. Shouting in joy since he wants to receive your chocolates, too

Celebrate good times, come on!

7. Teasing you about your chocolate-making skills

Teasing is one of the ways BTS’s members show love, so it’s something he’s accustomed to doing.

8. Playfully apologizing for teasing you in the first place

Better forgive him fast if you don’t want to see his puppy-dog eyes.

9. Nervous about receiving your chocolate

But not as nervous as you since you’re the one making it.

10. Ecstatic since he just got the chocolate he’s been waiting for

Perhaps this reaction convinced majority of the survey respondents to vote for him, too, don’t you think?

Source: Se Daily