10 Most Extra Commercials Starring Idols You Need To Watch Now

It doesn’t get any weirder than this.

When it comes to South Korean commercials, there is no such thing as too “out there” and these K-Pop idols found that out…firsthand!


1. SHINee – Ottogi Noodle Snack


It’s impossible not to laugh while watching SHINee “krump”, “wave”, and “knee kick” while holding bags of Ottogi Noodles.


This commercial for Ottogi Noodle aired way back in 2009, just a year after SHINee’s debut.


SHINee was probably hoping that the world forgot about it, but this commercial has found its way into the CF hall of fame!


2. Super Junior‘s Heechul – Pick! Miwon


Somewhere in South Korea, Miwon’s fancy marketing executives sat down and asked themselves, “How can we make Heechul any more extra than he is already?” Answer: Clone him.

Not just once or twice.


Clone him until he reaches a terrifying, Oompa Loompa level of cloning.


This army of Heechul clones dances to the tune of Produce 101‘s song “Pick Me“ while asking viewers to “pick Miwon”.


With so many Heechuls asking, it’s hard to say no!


3. Momoland‘s JooE – Tropicana


Heechul isn’t the only cloned idol on this list!


JooE clones sing and dance while advertising various Tropicana flavors.


These psychedelic commercials will make your head spin!


4. Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri — 7-Eleven


In this ridiculous 7-Eleven commercial, Hyeri advertises with a 4D level of enthusiasm.


She dances with chopsticks and snacks while, behind her, 7-Eleven customers party hard!


After watching this commercial, you’d think that 7-Eleven is the hottest club in Seoul!


5. BTS – BBQ Chicken

This CF begins like a dramatic music video. Jungkook walks towards a sunrise as operatic music plays in the background.


He says, “Wow, the moon is so big.


RM then ruins the moment by making a pun on the word “moon” with “chicken leg”.




Who knew chicken could be so profound!


6. iKON‘s Bobby – Nivea for Men


This CF starts out fairly normal. Bobby applies his Nivea skin products…

…then sees a Nivea claw game behind him.


He plays the claw game, trying to get “skin lucky”, but loses.


That’s when a man creepily rises out of the Nivea ball pit and puts the odds back in Bobby’s favor.

That wink is just too much!


See the full CF here:


7. T.O.P & G-Dragon – Sunny 10


G-Dragon and T.O.P get funky in this wacky commercial.


The wear bright, colorful suits while showing off their best disco moves!


See their retro weirdness in action:


8. Super Junior’s Heechul & AOA‘s Seolhyun – GMarket


Heechul seems to be the #1 pick for 4D commercials. He joins AOA’s Seolhyun in several weird GMarket CFs.


The two dance together goofily while keeping their faces completely deadpan.


Seolhyun also joins the CF clone squad in another GMarket commercial.


Seriously. What is with the clones?


9. Teen Top‘s Niel, Kwang Soo, Apink‘s Eunji – Fanta

In this fantastical Fanta commercial, things go from normal to extra in the blink of an eye: For Niel, it’s just another day at the arcade…


…until Kwang Soo walks out of a Fanta machine and zaps him with a wand.

Kwang Soo’s Fanta magic transforms Niel from student to K-Pop star.


Eunji receives the same present from her Fanta fairy godfather!


Things only get weirder from there.


10. SHINee — Blue Line Pink Line

That’s right. SHINee makes the list twice!


SHINee sings this catchy bop song while jumping around—cartoon style.


Fans won’t judge them for their past CFs…


…too much.


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