10 Most Memorable Concepts From SM Entertainment’s Groups

1. TVXQ!’s “Something”

This MV, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, used a 1950’s American swing/jazz band concept. Everything matched the song perfectly, from the clothes to the set design, dancers, and choreography.


2. Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish”

Girls’ Generation is arguably one of the most popular K-Pop groups of all time, and one reason for this has certainly been that they’ve had a strong concept for each video and song, usually involving strong lighting and color contrasts. “Tell Me Your Wish” was about wish-fulfillment, with the girls in various uniforms suggesting they are open to every desire.


3. Super Junior’s “Devil”

This album of the same name was a more mature sound for Super Junior, and the MV concept totally carries that, with a suave look and feel—as if it was time for the band to get serious.


4. SHINee’s “View”

SHINee is known for their strange MVs that usually have a deeper meaning. “View” had the members kidnapped by four female fans who seemed to save them from their idol status as they were rushed from one meeting to the next.

5. SHINee’s “Juliette”

A complete 360˚ from SHINee’s other concepts, “Juliette” from the Romeo album was vintage, smooth, and unusual. Masked Romeos stared at and tried to find a masked, but amused, Juliette. Unlike the rebelious concept of “View”, “Juliette” had a strong flowerboy concept, and the boys definitely pulled it off.

6. f(x)’s Pinocchio

f(x)’s Pinocchio track “Danger” is an electronic pop track with lyrics about the danger of young love to innocent Pinocchio. Fitting in with the fairytale theme of the entire Hot Summer album, the MV looked like it was taken straight out of a fantasy comic. The floating Pinocchio head bubble is super unique and arguably a bit strange.


7. EXO’s “Call Me Baby”

EXO‘s come back “Call Me Baby” had a polished and professional feel that carried throughout the whole MV. Shiny sports cars, a chic styled apartment and ten boys dressed to the nines. It’s safe to say they caught all the fangirls’ attention with this one!


8. Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”

Red Velvet always nails their concepts, and this one assigned each member their own fruit based on their color: Irene is watermelon, Yeri is grape, Seulgi is pineapple, Joy is kiwi, and Wendy is orange. Cute and definitely memorable!


9. Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”

With an edgier look and sound, the girls completely changed their concept in “Bad Boy” to comic book grunge, and totally made it work!


10. NCT U’s “7th Sense”

This debut song by NCT U is complicated, with protest scenes, heavy red tones, and masks covering all the members’ faces. It’s a strong concept that isn’t entirely explained, but it’s sleek production values and ambiguous images make this an interesting and memorable concept.