10+ Most Romantic Things Idols Have Said To Each Other…And Meant It

“Since I met you, my tomorrow feels so awkward and unstable. Maybe you are the variable that will complete my tomorrow.”

1. Tablo to Kang Hye Jung

Kang Hye Jung is like a life vest to me. Without her, I probably would have died.

You are the chaser of my soul. I want to take the scene of this city with my eyes rather than the camera and deliver it to your heart. So I can feel that my life without you is nothing. My heart sings for you. I love you, you are my reason.

2. Bong Tae Gyu on Hasisi Park

The first time I met her, I could not sleep because my heart was pounding so hard. The second time I met her, I did not ask her to be my girlfriend but asked her to marry me. I did not want to ask her out because I was scared to be rejected. But it just came out of my mouth. The moment I realized what I was doing, I was telling her how much I paid for my house.”

3. Song Joong Ki on Song Hye Kyo

Starting the year 2017, we promised to spend the rest of our life together and to start a new life where we can fight our battles together and fill what we each lack. Song Hye Kyo and I will be getting married on the last day of October 2017.

4. Taeyang on Min Hyo Rin

I promised with Min Hyo Rin, who has been beside me for four years, to spend the rest of our lives together. She always believed me unconditionally through all the good times and the bad times. I really wish to form a great family with her. We will walk together through our life with love.

5. Rain to Kim Tae Hee

Your smile is brighter than the sun, and I shed tears of happiness when I saw your smile brighter than the wedding dress. You are walking towards me, and you are the best gift the world has given to me.

6. Lee Hyori to Lee Sang Soon

Lee Sang Soon, you told me that you wanted to get married to me quickly. You said you want to sign the papers quickly so you use my mileage. That pissed me off but you told me that you came up with that joke after intense brainstorming. I love talking to you over all other things in the world. That’s why I got married to you.” 

7. Choo Ja Hyun to Woo Hyo Kwang

I never thought I was a person who could lean on others. But now I found a person whom I can lean on. Whenever I am tired and upset, he is the one I look for and I start and end the day smiling because of him, and I realized that I am in love. I now know that he is someone that I need. You are the best person in the world. Thank you for loving me.

8. Joo Sang Wook on Cha Ye Ryun

We came to acknowledge each other’s feelings towards each other and I was certain that I could spend the rest of my life with her. She always thinks about me and supports me.

9. Ahn Jae Hyun on Goo Hye Sun

The first time I saw Goo Hye Sun, I could not hide my feelings for her. I always stared at her and I always lingered around her. I really wanted to tell her how pretty she is in her ears. Goo Hye Sun is my universe and she is my everything. Every moment is special with her.

10. Yoon Seung Ah and Kim Moo Yeol

I’ve been drinking and I could not stop thinking about you, I want to hear your voice, and I miss your face. I want to call you but you might be asleep, so I write this message to myself. Since I met you, my tomorrow feels so awkward and unstable. Maybe you are the variable that will complete my tomorrow. Good night. I don’t know why I am saying all these things. I could have just said I miss you.

11. Sean to Jung Hye Young

Do you remember the first day we met? I didn’t know you well, and you did not know me either. But the first moment I saw you, my heart started pounding, and I can’t explain the feeling in any language. Love at first sight. I thought ‘she is the one’. I got married to you on the 1383rd day that I felt such a fluttering feeling, and now I have been married to you for 1095 days, and I still feel the same feeling every single day.