10 Must-Know Rules For Dating A K-Drama Addict

Here are some helpful tips for smooth sailing, when dating someone who is totally addicted to K-dramas.

1. Be accommodating of their addiction

Rather than to tease or even mock your significant other for “strange” addictions to fictional Korean characters, attempt to have an open mind to their preferences.

Give them their alone time with their K-dramas, and try your best to be understanding.

2. Listen to their drama rants, even if you don’t understand

Whether it’s expressing their happiness about a specific ending, or crying over the angsty parts of the drama, try to listen in to what your partner is saying.

It may seem nonsensical, but they’ll appreciate that someone is listening to their rants, as K-Dramas can cause emotional stress.

3. Ask them about what they’re currently watching

While it might be hard to catch the names or understand the plot, asking about their current favorite show is a good way to show interest in their hobbies, and even if it seems impossible to remember everything, it will definitely be appreciated.

4. Don’t get jealous over their favorite K-Drama actors

Remember, Kim Soo Hyun is an actor whose job is to make the audience become infatuated with him.

Your significant other’s “love” for an actor, is nothing compared to your relationship, which is why you’re dating in the first place!

5. Buy them snacks for their marathons

Nothing says “I Love You” more than food, so why not indulge your partner with some of their favorite snacks while they binge-watch the latest K-Drama?

6. Take them on spontaneous, but simple dates

If it’s one thing that all K-Drama lovers have in common, is their romantic heart. By surprising them with spontaneous, simple but sweet dates, your partner’s inner romantic will swell with nothing but love.

7. Understand that it’s the small gestures that matter

One thing that makes all K-Drama lover’s heart flutter, are the small gestures between the main couple in the show. This means that hand holding, cuddles, small hugs, forehead kisses, etc. are all welcomed at any time.

8. Trinkets are the perfect gift

Ranging from hair clips to flowers, overly expensive gifts are not needed to win over your partner’s love. Instead, gifting them small trinkets is the perfect way to their heart, especially since K-Dramas are all about small trinkets.

9. Follow their lead, but don’t emulate everything they do

It’s good to keep a note on what exactly makes these characters so swoon worthy and attempt to follow in their footsteps.

But remember, just because the cute Korean actor in the show can get away with grabbing and pulling the girl away does not mean you should follow all their actions.

10. Try to join in on the K-Drama fun!

If all else fails, then join them! Rather than having a K-Drama get between a relationship, join them in on the fun! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it as well.