These Are The 10 Oldest Active K-Pop Girl Group Idols In The Industry

These ladies are still killing it after all these years!

When a K-Pop idol gets to a certain age, generally in their late 20s, this is often the time when they decide to change up their career and bow out of the industry after many years of hard work. This isn’t always the case, however, and some idols continue to stay in their group to keep singing as an idol! These are the current 10 oldest female idols that are active in a girl group. Note that this list only includes female idols that are still in a girl group, and not those that are solo after their group disbanded (such as Park Bom and Dara of 2NE1).

10. Solji (EXID): Born January 10, 1989 (31 years old)

Solji is the leader and main vocalist of EXID. She was actually EXID’s vocal trainer before she joined the group, and was also an R&B singer for 2NB in the past. She won King of Masked Singer in 2015, and has also been a coach for the vocal team on the competition show UNDER 19. She has a dog named Choco, and likes to hike.

9. Jaekyung (Rainbow): Born December 24, 1988 (31 years old)

Jaekyung serves as the leader, main dancer, vocalist, visual, and face of the group, and is a former JYP Entertainment trainee. Her younger brother is N.Flying‘s Jaehyun. She trained to be an idol for 4 years, can play the flute and piano, and admires Beyoncé.

8. Seungah (Rainbow): Born September 13, 1988 (31 years old)

Seungah is the lead vocalist of Rainbow, and can play the piano as well. She auditioned for DSP Media on the same day as former KARA members Hara and Jiyoung, and enjoys reading books.

7. Woori (Rainbow): Born February 22, 1988 (32 years old)

Woori is the main rapper and lead dancer of Rainbow, and is also a former SM Entertainment trainee. She’s worked as an actress, and also does modern dance and ballet.

6. Gain (Brown Eyed Girls): Born September 20, 1987 (32 years old)

Gain is the youngest member of Brown Eyed Girls, and has the position of main dancer, vocalist, visual/face of the group, and of course, maknae. She was noticed by fellow Brown Eyed Girls’ member Narsha after she was eliminated during the reality show Let’s Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!, and invited to audition for the group. She enjoys dancing, watching movies, and interior design, and has had an extensive solo career.

5. Boa (KEEMBO): Born January 14, 1987 (33 years old)

In the duo KEEMBO, Boa is the leader and main vocalist. She and the other member, Bohyung, were both former members of SPICA, and she served as a vocal trainer for INFINITE, KARA, and Rainbow. She has also worked with Lee Hyori, T-ARA, 4MINUTE, and Girls’ Generation, and is best friends with IU.

4. Haeri (Davichi): Born February 14, 1985 (35 years old)

Haeri is the leader and main vocalist of the duo Davichi. She can play the piano well, and was even majoring in piano before she debuted as a singer. She has two younger siblings that are twins.

3. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls): Born December 28, 1981 (38 years old)

Narsha is the lead vocalist and lead dancer of Brown Eyed Girls, and her stage name means “fly”. She has a cat named Kkami, and her hobbies include playing the piano and collecting CDs. She was the first member of Brown Eyed Girls to get married, and also works as a DJ for Pump Up the Volume on KBS Cool FM.

2. Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls): Born November 2, 1981 (38 years old)

The second-oldest active female girl group member, Miryo is the main rapper and vocalist of Brown Eyed Girls. She speaks English, loves nature, and can play the guitar. She also enjoys playing games, especially Overwatch. She worked as the only female producer in the first season of the competition show Show Me the Money.

1. JeA (Brown Eyed Girls): Born September 18, 1981 (38 years old)

Lovely JeA is currently the oldest active female girl group member, and serves as the leader and main vocalist of the group. She loves to play the piano, and has two dogs named Bandal and Mongsil. Her stage name means “the most beautiful voice”, and she was a trainer on season 1 of Produce 101.