8 Outfits That Will Make SEVENTEEN’s The8 Your New Style Inspiration

He shows us how it’s supposed to be done!

It’s been known among fans that SEVENTEEN‘s The8 is a fashion king. He has constantly showed great ensembles whether it be on the stage, at the airport, and on his social media posts.

Here are 10 outfits The8 wore that you must see if you wanna take your style to the next level!

1. Simple tee, a pair of jeans, black belt, and sunglasses!

The8 rocks a simple white tee shirt and pairs it with a good old blue jeans, and styles his outfit with a belt. Don’t forget to wear the sunglasses to top it all off!

2. Green and black!

The8 wears an all black outfit with hints of green for his trip on the way to Japan! He doesn’t forget to pose for the camera and post pictures of him for Carats!

3. Blue pullover for New York!

The8 sports a blue pullover and matches it with a pair of denim shorts while going round and about in New York City with his fellow members.

4. Simple and clean OOTD!

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☁️☀️😌 #8fashion

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With a simple beige tee, topped with a white windbreaker, paired with stylish blue jeans, and a belt, plus, cool sneakers, and posing a chic pose, The8 shows everyone how it’s done right in this photo!

5. The8 goes dark!

Who knew pairing printed tops over printed bottoms can work? The8 pairs a black top printed with multiple patches with loud cheetah printed pants and a pair of classy black shoes!

6. The8 wears loud colors!

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초록 초록~~🎄🌲🎄 #urchinsneaker

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Posing coolly for a mirror selfie while sporting a loud-colored track suit and pairing it with white sneakers. Of course, the red and blue lined socks is a detail that must not be missed!

7. Seventeen personalized outfit!

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🖊🖊🖊 #8fashion

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According to The8, he bought this outfit and asked his fellow members to draw whatever they wanna draw on it. The8 posted a photo of him wearing this garment. There’s only one of this in the world making it special for The8.

8. Going blue for a sunny day!

The8 posted a photo of him wearing a blue tee pairing it with denim overalls and emphasizes in his post that he pinned a pin of Kermit the frog dabbing on his outfit. He topped it off with a plain white bucket hat which made him look even cooler than he already is!