10 Pairs Of Famous Korean Celebrity Siblings That Prove Strong Genes Run In Their Families

Did you know about these famous sibling pairs?

Usually, it’s only one person in a family that ends up becoming a celebrity and becoming a household name. Yet, some celebrities happen to have a sibling in the same or similar industry. Here are 10 celebrity sibling pairs in Korea.

1. Krystal Jung & Jessica Jung

These two are one of the more famous celebrity siblings because they were in the same company and industry. Jessica was a member of Girls’ Generation and Krystal a member of f(x).

2. Jeongyeon (TWICE) & Gong Seungyeon

Jeongyeon is currently a member of TWICE, while her sister Gong Seungyeon is an actress.

3. Yena (IZ*ONE) & Choi Sung Min

Yena is currently a member of IZ*ONE and her brother Choi Sung Min is an aspiring actor and former member of boy group SPEED.

Credit: Instiz

4. Sandara Park & Thunder/Park Sang Hyun

Sandara Park is a former member of the group 2NE1 and her brother Park Sang Hyun or Thunder is an actor and former member of group MBLAQ.

5. Julien Kang & Denise Kang

Julien Kang is an actor and tv personality on variety shows, while his brother Denise Kang is a Canadian MMA fighter.


Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun are siblings who make up the duo for AKMU.

7. Zico & Taewoon

Zico is currently a solo artist and his brother Taewoon is also a solo artist and former member of SPEED.

8. Kim Tae Hee & Lee Wan

Kim Tae Hee is an actress and her brother Lee Wan is an actor.

9. Choi Sooyoung & Choi Soo Jin

Choi Sooyoung is a member of Girls’ Generation and an actress, while her sister Choi Soo Jin is a musical theatre actress.

10. Seo Yuna (AOA) & Seoyul (Berry Good)

Yuna is currently a member of AOA and her sister Seoyul is a member of Berry Good.