Here Are 10+ Photos To Appreciate BTS Jimin’s Unreal Proportions

His proportions are absolutely incredible!

BTS‘s Jimin seems to be the entire package- vocals, dance, as well as visuals! This triple threat of an idol absolutely shines on stage, and while fans are always gasping at his dance moves, they’re equally in awe of his incredible proportions! Here are 10+ photos of BTS Jimin’s unreal proportions, and after seeing them, you’ll definitely wanna hit the gym!

Here are pictures of Jimin in all-black outfits, with the occasional, ah, sneak-peek:

His thighs could benchpress me.

Jimin looks absolutely incredible in white too!


BTS is currently gearing up for their comeback with Map Of The Soul:7, and are also preparing for their world tour in April.

Watch their latest album pre-release here: